Oh Hello There.....

{daddy knows how to multi-task...babysit and take a nap!}

I know it is time to post when I get an email
from my mom asking if everything is OK?

And you sweet friends and readers that have checked in on us too....
thank you!

We are alive and kicking and almost too busy to breathe right now.
I just keep telling myself when I look at my calendar to breathe.
Breathing seems to make everything OK.

There is SO much on my mind and in my heart right now.
Our Little Mister has finally been evaluated and found to have significant delays. 
I felt it from the time he was about 5 months old 
and I've been working on it since he was 7 months old
to start physical therapy and it finally all kicked in a couple of months ago
and now we have a full schedule and an upcoming big doctor's appointment.

His delays are mostly gross motor skill delays but without help
will start affecting most areas of his life.
Without going into a lot of details....
Little Mister went without oxygen when he was 4 weeks old {2 weeks before we got him}
for between 10 to 15 minutes. The paramedics were able to resuscitate him thankfully
but now he is showing some motor skill delays from the lack of oxygen.

I feel I can share this info because it is apparent to all that meet this sweet little boy.
We can't hide it and most people are concerned who know him personally.
While the babies circumstances are confidential on why they were placed
their abilities/disabilities are visible to all who know, meet or see them around town. 

He has made great success so far with therapy twice a week.
We work him hard at therapy and also work him hard at home.
We are surrounded by amazing sweet people in our county system
who are providing guidance and love.
Although...that little mister...he is easy to love.
How lucky am I that our home infant worker is the same
sweet woman who helped teach us how to work with Blake in our home as an infant?
She comes to our home twice a month for Little Mister
and pops in to physical therapy from time to time.

How crazy is it that three of our four children in our home right now have special needs?

But happy and full of love and doing everything to keep our heads above water
and get our hardwood floors finished and furniture back in place!!


  1. You are such a champion lady and I'm so glad that those two babies have you to be their mom!

  2. Press on. I was just thinking the other day that I hadn't seen a blog post from you in a while. YOU know what is important. Marriage and family. Blogging can wait until you want/need an outlet.

    We'll be here! :-)

  3. What an extraordinary woman and family you are. How lucky those babies are to have found their way to you and you to them. The combonation of fate and faith is such a beautiful thing. XO


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