Insta Friday.....Semi-Formal Dance....On Modesty and Dancing Style

These pics are actually from last weekend.
I meant to post them for What I Wore Wednesday.
But Wednesday came and went!!

Kaia is part of Chamber Choir.
Chamber Choir was the dance committee for Boat Dance.
Which means Kaia got to get all dressed up 
and go to a semi-formal dance with a fun group of kids! 
Even though they had to work....
they still had fun.

Have you been dress shopping with your teen daughter yet for a semi-formal?
It is scary. Most semi-formal dresses resemble an elongated tube top.
And the shoes....platforms so high that while we were shopping
I just kept saying...'hooker heels, hooker heels, hooker heels' out loud to each option.

So with the options of tube tops and hooker heels
you can imagine my surprise when Kaia came to me with an online dress that 
she was in LOVE with. 

And it had sleeves! And was a decent length!!
She went with nude heels that were a tad higher than I hoped.
But were not a platform. So that was a win.

We also found these gorgeous vintage style crystal and gold earrings.
Pretty Little Liar girls...watch out.

The dress had an open back. A triangle cut out.
Not necessarily a deal breaker for me as a mom.
Because lets be honest...most teenage boys aren't interested in backs.
{plus they make affordable bras for these types of dresses now}

The dress was classy and fitting for Kaia's style.
And with very limited options and very little time....
I'll take sleeves, modest neckline and length any day for the WIN!

And the choir group....what a fun group of kids.
Each with their own style and personalities shining through.

It was a proud day for me as a mom of a teenage daughter.
Hair, make-up, choice of wardrobe....
I just kept staring at my phone pics of her after we dropped her group off at the boat!

She had a great time and also said the dancing style wasn't as bad as she thought it was going to be.
That was my biggest concern. They used to call if freaking....
now they just straight up call it what it is...grinding.
Here is the permission slip guidelines that I had to sign
about the style of dance that was approved and not approved.
Whoa...it was pretty graphic.

'Dancers must stay upright, with both feet on the floor. 
No bending over 45 degrees.
Face to Face dancing is encouraged.
No overt grinding. Grabbing of the neck, shoulder, waist and/or hips
and pulling it front-to-back is prohibited.
Boys looking down at midsection, 
grabbing hips and thrusting back and forth is also not allowed.
No inappropriate touching.
No sexually suggestive dancing and making out will be tolerated. 
Sexually suggestive dancing includes but not limited to:
Straddling legs
Extreme bending over 45 degrees
Touching of breasts, buttocks or genitals
Hands anywhere other than shoulders and waist.'

Thankfully, my daughter has been taught to dance face-to-face and
have fun on the dance floor in her own personal space.

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: McCaulous
Earrings: Target

And lest we end on a sour note....
I'm having just as much fun dressing Little Mister as I do the girls in our family.

I wanted to die this outfit on him was so cute!

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  1. I love the dancing rules! I think I'll give them to my daughter, she has her homecoming dance this weekend. :)

  2. I adore her outfit! I'd totally wear that dress, too! (Only, in my older age, I am starting to feel weird about short dresses on me. I would have never guessed).

    Yeah. Dancing. Oy. I am not looking onward to that!

  3. Oh you must have went to Target first for shoe shopping....
    CUTE dress!

  4. The rules!!!!! OH MY GOSH! Its sad that they even have to say all that...but I could picture every bit of it- thanks to some raunchee parties I've attended in my day. I can assure you I WAS NOT doing anything in the above mentioned rules! GROSS!

    Kaia's dress....amazing! She picked a great classy dress! And those shoes are the bomb! LOVE THEM! Beautiful daughter April. And even better, sounds to me like she's just as beautiful on the inside!!!!

    You're doing a fine job April!!!!!!


  5. your daughter's dress was BY far the classiest and most appropriate...it was perfect! great choice!!

  6. Oh my gosh! The rules! Totally appropriate, but SO funny. We certainly never had anything like that when I was in school. Though, we probably should have. Kaia is absolutely gorgeous!!! Her dress choice is so pretty and yes, I'd be proud too. And of course, little mister.. handsome as ever.

  7. I love her dress! Modest exactly where it needs to be. So cute!

  8. Kaia's dress is beautiful and she is gorgeous. What a proud mom moment for you! I love that the girl in the blue dress is wearing Chucks!

    That note scares me. A lot. And I don't have kids (yet) but I do teach so I know where it's coming from. Man oh man.

    Little Mister's outfit is awesome!

  9. she is by far the most elegant and classy girl in that picture! sadly, it looks like some of the girls didn't have a concerned mother helping them find an appropriate outfit :(

  10. Way to go, Kaia! Modesty is a beautiful thing - she looks absolutely stunning. Cloak yourself in modesty and let your beauty shine through - that is what she did so perfectly. Be proud, Momma. I know you are!

  11. Kaia is beautiful - what a wonderful, perfect dress and the best accessory - a smile!! LOVE IT!

  12. As a mother of all boys - THANK YOU for teaching her modesty! She's a beautiful girl ad she looked classy, elegant and appropriate! It makes me sad for some of those other girls.


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