Dear Dave + April....because it's Tuesday!

Dear Dave,

That Sunday afternoon 3 1/2 nap you took left me in a bit of a bad mood. I tried to nap too, but the babies didn't cooperate and so no nap I got. I was so irritated and I'm sure you felt it when you woke. But when you woke, you were refreshed and kind and willing to help wherever needed and my mood started to softened. 

I am a strong woman. I know you know that. You remind me of it often. But I want you to know, that I am only this strong because you are by my side. I need you. 

When you cradled me in your arm and pulled me close and sat with me Sunday evening to watch one of my favorite TV shows with me, it meant the world to me. But you want to know what meant even more....the handful of kisses that you leaned over and gave me on my forehead. A sweet gesture that reminded me that you were thinking of me, that you loved me and that you are my strength. And in that moment I didn't need to be strong. I didn't need to do it all. I just needed to sit there and be held by you and kissed on the forehead and taken care of emotionally that evening. 

That was better than any nap I could have gotten early that day! Thank you.


  1. I absolutely love this, and can relate in so many ways.

    You are so awesome, and I am grateful that you shared this.

  2. I just got all happy when an April post appeared on my reader.

    And this was a good one.....

  3. it really and truly is the little things! thanks for the reminder : )

  4. Isn't it wonderful when we can be pulled from the bad mood with a little bit of love? This made my heart smile today. Thanks for sharing!


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