Be A Queen for the Day!

Who wouldn't want to be a Queen for the Day?!

We are heading to the Queen Bee Market in Carlsbad in November.
I know...call us crazy, but we can't stay away.

This holiday Queen Bee Market will be a little different.
First, Friday night includes a fun Crafty Girls Night Out

but the second big exciting announcement is this fabulous prize
up for grabs!

and I'm taking this opportunity to nominate my sweet daughter, Kaia!

She doesn't know it.
I might not even tell her until we get down there about the big contest!

But if there is anyone who deserves to be treated like a queen for a day it is her.
At the sweet age of 15 she has experienced a lot of sacrifice and service in her life.
All done with an extremely happy heart.
With no resentment.
Would do it all over the exact same way again
if given the choice.

She was our only child for 5 years.
Then became a big sister.
To a special needs brother.
Talk about her world being rocked.
With us, she mourned the loss of a healthy baby brother
but jumped right in to helping him feel special.
She recognized that we were the lucky ones to have this opportunity.

For her 7th birthday she didn't want any presents,
she just asked if she could learn to help with Blake's medical needs
to give mommy and daddy a break sometimes.

She has been his biggest cheerleader and biggest defender.
She has cried for him and with him.

At the age of 14 we rocked her world again when we decided to become foster parents.
She was excited. Her heart about to burst thinking of the children that might enter into our home.

We have had two babies for almost a year.
She begs us to adopt them.
I asked her just the other day,
even with all the sacrifices she has had to make this past
year....at 15 years of age if she understood that adoption
would mean sacrifices for the rest of her life in our family.
She smiled and said, 'yes...they are a part of our family...it would be worth it!'

Kaia is a big sister to three children {two foster still}
all with special needs.
Yet she feels just as special to us.

She is 15. All about fashion.
All about hair and make-up and fiercely supports
the handmade community. 

She will come to Queen Bee Market to work.
Work hard with set up. 
And work hard to help with the babies.
At 15 years old.

How fun would it be to surprise her with a dream makeover
and money to shop at Queen Bee Market?
I can almost promise she will feel unworthy 
and that is exactly why I would want her to win!

Thank you Mique for this amazing opportuntity.


  1. so sweet! Can I nominate her too? :) Good luck to her!!!!

  2. This post made me cry. I love you April, and I love Kaia. As much as I want to meet you in real life someday, I also want to meet your beautiful daughter. And have my girls meet her too!

    I hope she wins!

  3. What an amazing girl. And what an amazing mama for recognizing and celebrating your wonderful girl. :)

  4. The tears!! You are all blessed to have each other. What a selfless daughter you have. I know it must make you burst with pride!

  5. Thanks for entering April!! I love this post for so many reasons. I love that she is beautiful inside and out. I love that you two are so close. I love that she is such a great sister. Can't wait to see you all soon!! xo

  6. How sweet... brought tears to my eyes. I hope Kaia wins! She deserves it, for sure.

  7. How could I not vote for sweet Kaia? I'm all about big sisters. See you guys soon. You are such a good mama. xo, ana

  8. She rocks for all she does and you rock for rearing such an amazing kid! Hugs to you both for sure!!

  9. OMG - beautiful. Of course I voted! Beautiful!!!


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