What I Wore....Wednesday

The jury is still out about the lack of pockets on this shirt
but it feels like in person it is not so obvious about the placement
of the lack of fading of the non-existent pockets!
Loving the denim with brown and black though.

Denim Shirt + Black Skinny Jeans - Target
Strappy Sandals - Steve Maddens Nordstrom
Wrap Bracelet {fav right now} - Tahoe Boutique

{and I bought a bracelet for one of you too...giveaway coming soon!}

Blurry pic and face cut off photog credit - Blake


  1. I'm loving that denim shirts are back in! I remember them from when I was in elementary school. I have one and was thinking about wearing it with black but wasn't sure. I like the look with brown sandals!

  2. Cute!

    I have those same jeans from Target and they look nothing like that on me. You have great legs!

    I like the shirt too.

  3. Super cute! Love that wear Wednesdays are back! Can't wait for some fall looks!

  4. Looking good! And I love that bracelet!!!


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