Weekending | San Clemente Style | Handplane Hoedown

We drove to San Clemente {again} for a long weekend.

Spent some time with Jessica {allora handmade} and her family at the beach.
Loved the girlfriend time. Her boys are adorable.
And her husband picked up hand planing like nobody's business!

Beach house overrun with surfboards and hand planes for body surfing.
We find the best beach houses on VRBO.com.
While this one wasn't necessarily our most favorite
 it worked for the weekend.

Little Mister still smiling with sand in his ears, mouth, diaper....EVERYWHERE!
 He would fold himself flat to reach sand to bring it in to his tent.

{joe, blake, dave}

And why we were there AGAIN so soon....The HandPlane HoeDown.
A way to bodysurf using a hand plane.
The boys ran to Walmart late Friday night.
Picked up t-shirts, spray paint, card stock and an exacto knife
and went to town making handmade t-shirts for the next morning!
Get it... hand | plane | hoe | down
Next event they are going with official t-shirts....screenprinted!

The boys have been crafting their own hand planes for a few months now
getting ready for this event that was held this past weekend
at San Clemente State Beach!

The waves were epic. The handmade hand planes everywhere.
And the weather HOT.
It was a boys' weekend that I crashed.
{Little Mister needed attending to while on the beach...duh.}

My mom and dad stayed at our house tending to Kaia and Little Miss
and had a wonderful weekend. My mom even cleaned out my fridge.
Lucky me!! Thank you Mom.

{And rumor has it my dad played with Little Miss and it was so cute.}


  1. Been wondering since you posted on IG, what is a handplane???

    1. I'll have dave post a picture of the hand planes. they are small surfboards for your hand that gets you up above the wave while bodysurfing!!

  2. I love the shot of your beach house - and the boys with those tees...you live a fun life my friend!

  3. I'm new to hand planes too! I have never heard of them until now.

    Looks like a fun weekend. I'm jealous you can escape there often.


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