My Style: Target and The Curiosity Shoppe

All my style!
In my favorite colors.

I bought the bag, the stamps, the bell and the tea towels.

The bell I thought would be fun sitting on our desk.
And it might help Blake when he is finished with his Ace Malone clean outs.
He yells, he texts us from the iPad 'now', he bangs on the wall.
I think the bell might be perfect!

But I think my favorite item was the travel journal.
I may need to go back for that.

Please tell me you have a Target...or two in your neck of the woods!


  1. Well it looks like you gave me a reason to head to Target tonight (like I needed one...I'm there all the time).

  2. I had the stamps in my hand and put them back. Wish I hadn't.

    1. I bought them with the intention of dumping out all my old stamps. Seriously the font mix up is awesome and all we need!! Go back now.

  3. I have a Target addiction - this post makes it evident as to why!

  4. I LOVE Target. I go every week. Sunday when I was there the woman in line in front of me said to the cashier...Just let me know if it's getting close to $300. I can't go over...I spent that much here last week...my husband would kill me.
    Wow, I think SHE loves Target. But what's not to love?

  5. Tons of Targets here... I have to stay out of there...for all these reasons and many more. Love it all!

  6. Love your style and love the look of your blog!!! Did you design it yourself? I would love to hire you make my blog more fun.

  7. me and target - love affair. and those are all great picks (i want the coffee mugs)


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