My Style | Katherine Jalaty Paper Craft

She is a favorite of mine.
She is my vintage hipster friend.
Who believes in well made and well used.

She is stocking her newish shop today!
Go check her out.
Her prices are great.
She is just my style.

And this little post is a complete surprise to her.
I just want her to know I'm one of her biggest cheerleaders.
And I was a cheerleader in high school so I've got experience.
Rah! Rah!

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Every Thursday I plan to introduce you to something new.
Something fun. Something MY STYLE!
I have a few giveaways planned for Thursdays
and also a few 'from the heart' guest posts
I am over the moon excited to share with you.

If you are interested in me reviewing one of your handmade items that 
you think is just MY STYLE please email me so we can chat!
I'd love to send some readership/customer love your way.

*  *  *  *  *


  1. ummm... you may have just made "her" tear up a bit with this. thank you for being my biggest cheerleader! the feeling is so mutual. can't wait to see you next week!! xoxo

  2. Hi April-Love this post (it looks strong, love to hear about new products and people etc.) and your new idea for Thursday features. Fits right in with your lifestyle concept for the revamped blog. Rah Rah!

  3. Loving this idea for a new series.


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