Little Mister talking!

He's working on dadadada.
Really hard.
I could watch this all day long.
My favorite part....about 42 seconds in.
Serious concentration.
And if you hang out for the whole 2 minutes
you will get a treat with a real live smile full of dimples!

He was already a couple of minutes into dadadada when I turned on the video!
He is the best traveler. Keeps himself entertained.
Little Miss. Not so much. That is why she stayed home with grandma
for our second quick trip to San Clemente!

Except for some fussiness for about an hour in the evening at bedtime
he is the easiest baby ever.
And today he is 11 months old.


  1. Man, he is SERIOUS about those da-da's! :) And those dimples!!

  2. tooooooo cute..and I love how his little feet are part of the concentration while he says his da-da-da...:)


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