Labor Day at Coloma Resort!

Labor Day....weekending on the river at Coloma Resort.

Taking two little ones camping isn't easy.
But it isn't hard either.
Just a tad more work.

So thankful our friends were there supportive and willing to help!

Blake was down playing in the river hole. Little Miss was napping. 
Little Mister was hanging out with girlfriends and I decided to put my feet up!
And don't be fooled...that water hole looks nice....but it is BONE chilling cold.
We still hang out in it all weekend long though.

Our campsite looked a little different this year.
That is a bike trailer, double stroller, little tykes car, backpack and bumbo all lined up.
And two highchairs! We came prepared.
 And don't' be fooled again...that is ghetto green grass outside our trailer.

We dream of owning a vintage trailer but truth is...they don't come big enough.
We spent this weekend planning on sprucing ours up to make it feel vintage and look unique!
Let's hope it isn't just a dream. I'd love to do some fun things to this bad boy.

She was suppose to be napping....but spent the first hour looking out the windows in her little bunk
that we turned into a make-shift crib with a bed rail. She was trapped and it worked perfectly.
She also ended up taking a good nap each day too.

We eat better camping than at home.
And yes....I LOVE my bacon burnt.
The crispier the better.
And that goulash....it's roast beef hash and a staple for us camping!

Grilled asparagus is my favorite. Just some olive oil, salt and pepper. 
The only other way I love asparagus is wrapped in prosciutto.

We didn't win the rib cook-off this year and that was OK by us.
We still enjoyed eating ours.

The Cornhole Classic was epic this year!
The set up this year was gorgeous with lights strung all around so we could play into the night.
The only problem.... I lost my depth perception at night and barely hit the hole.

The next day though....Lisa and I rocked it as a team!
Came in 3rd place.

On our way home yesterday we had not one BUT two flats on the trailer.
We stopped to help a friend and when we left the trailer clipped
a rough sharp corner of concrete and popped one tire
and slice the second tire open. 

We had one spare and changed the flat but then had to find a tire store 
that was opened on Labor Day to replace the second leaking tire. 
Sam's Club was the only place opened. But we weren't members. 

So we bought a membership, bought a tire and then were told that it was a 2 hour wait to have the new tire put on the rim. I tried sweet talking my way into an earlier spot.

And don't think I didn't use the.....
we have two FOSTER babies in our car with us....please help us out.
 And I would have even considered pinching both of them
 to get them both to cry and then walk back in there, 
but thankfully he said he would see what he could do and talk to his manager.

We were squeezed in at the 1.5 hour mark. I should have pinched them both.

And when it was all said and done I drank myself silly with a soda....
that I got from Sam's Club....because I'm a member now!

{if you follow me on instagram, i'm sorry these are all repeats. 
give me a week to get the other photos off of the real camera!}


  1. You are too cute with the sunglasses, hat and that fancy soda ;) I love the new blog look btw and next year, I'm coming camping with you...it almost looks like my hotel stays! Hope you are well my friend! XO! Jess

  2. thanks jessica! and too funny about our camping and your hotel stays. that made me laugh out loud! xoxo, april

  3. Love your blog! Your asparagus looks wonderful! I am the only one in my family that likes it so I do not have it very often, but now I have a big craving for it. Love your cute camping table cloth.

    1. thanks kelli. the tablecloth was a new addition this year and i was so excited. it is oilcloth and held up wonderfully with all the wipe downs associated with camping!

  4. Haha! I'm with Jessica. You guys live large. We camp in tents and felt like princesses bringing an electric griddle! Too funny with the 2 highchairs and fleet of vehicles. Your food pics just about killed me (week 4 of HCG!!!!!) aaargh

    1. ha kirsty about living large! i just told Dave I wanted to take the big kids tent camping because I miss it. then he reminded me of all the work just to do dishes and I said....ya tents are overrated! and i'll admit it right now....i'm a hotel snob too. my children learned early on the difference between a motel and a hotel. I check bedding pictures first. and you can bet there is a down comforter on our trailer bed even....with a memory foam mattress topper. i'm spoiled and need a good night sleep these days to function!!

  5. Hi....love your new blog title and style. So smart of you to change it up when you feel you need to.
    The HOME link under your pic might be broken. It might be on my end but you should check it out just in case!

    1. hi jen! thanks for the kind words and i'm working on rerouting my blog to a new url so that is why the home link isn't working right now. it is definitely on my end and hopefully will be working soon.

  6. How fun....RV camping with the family and friends is such a blast! So happy you guys got to getaway for the holidays. I totally cracked up when I read about you using your foster babies to get in sooner for the tire repair! I would have so used that tactic, too. ;-)

    1. every now and again you just have to say....hey give me a break....we are giving someone else a break!! i told him we would definitely 'pay it forward'!

  7. Gary and I just went rafting in Coloma for the first time in July!
    It was his birthday present. :)
    Such a cool place!
    Our 4th graders go stay at Coloma every year for their outdoor ed trip.
    Riley went last year and LOVED it.
    Looks like you guys had a great time...despite the tire thing.
    I hate car stuff.



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