Insta Week

I take more pics with my phone than with my camera.
It's quick and easy and plus instagram is so much fun.
I'm aprilkennedy on instagram.
Dave is kennedybuilt. 
He just posted some pretty pics of a job he is finishing up.
Pure inspiration I tell you!

Dave painted the kitchen island two weeks ago...gray.
 It looks great!!
But then we needed new stools that weren't gray.
I found these at World Market and am in love.
I had a 25% off coupon. But I had to wait until they got another shipment in.
I just picked them up an hour ago and only have one more to put together.
Maybe I'll pull out my real camera and get a couple good shots
of the new island and stools this weekend.
Key word...maybe. 
Hey, I just might surprise you next week!

The evenings are perfect weather right now for eating outside.
Not too hot. Not too cold.
Plus our roses are blooming again and are so pretty.
I should have lit all the candles along the fence.
Dinner consisted of grilled chicken, grilled veggies and fruit.
We are trying to eat healthier these days.

Both babies went to bed at the same time the other night....8:00 pm,
so Dave and I snuck out to the bookstore for a little date night.
He bought surfing magazines, I bought inspiration magazines
and we both picked the Make it Paleo cookbook.
A new way of eating for us. For our whole family.
At least 80% of the time to start.
We finished our date night with frozen yogurt....
but our kids don't know about that part so let's keep that a secret.
We sat and finished the yogurt off in the car before we headed in the house!
I had pistachio {my favorite} with chocolate sprinkles.
Euro Tart flavor runs a close second.

And since we are reading up on the Paleo way of eating 
and all the things we should and shouldn't eat,
I just had to go out with one more huge splurge before committing next week.
I always do that. I hate it. But the cravings come with a vengeance.
Right before committing to changing bad habits,
I break them all to get it out of my system.
Trust me...this dessert lunch made me sick.
I'll be good for awhile now.

So I told you my favorite frozen yogurt flavor....
I'd love to know your favorite flavor!

Happy Weekend.


  1. what a fun date night! so hard to choose a favorite...i love taro, avocado, a really good strawberry and red velvet!!

  2. Yogurtland has the best chocolate milkshake flavor ever. I don't never choose chocolate ice cream or yogurt but this one is DELICIOUS! Close second being plain tart.

  3. I love mango with pecans, mini chocolate chips and fresh mango oh and coconut sprinkled on top. Now I'm hungry.


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