Hello Monday....

Hello and Goodbye Volleyball Tournament in Tahoe
over the weekend.
You were beautiful, warm and fun.

That's Kaia there in the middle.

Hello Lake Tahoe that a handful of girls went swimming in.
Including Kaia. My adventurous one.

Hello first place!

Hello Handsome. He's got 30 new girlfriends.
We divided and conquered to get through the weekend.
Me, Little Mister and Kaia went to the tournament.
Dave, Blake and Little Miss stayed home and worked on some projects.

Little Mister was held the hold weekend by different girls 
and even got some court time at the net!

Hello new park. With swings.
Can you believe he will be ONE in five-ish weeks!

And she will be TWO in seven weeks!

Hello birthday planning.

Hello sweet cheeks. I love you.

And oh ya....
Hello new blog name and design...

What are you saying hello to?

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  1. I love the new blog design!!! So clean and modern! Love your pics too! Looks like a busy weekend.


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