What I Wore to the Beach and Insta Week combined!

I found this maxi while down in San Clemente.
They finally got a Target there. You know I had to go check it out!
I wore a top knot in my hair almost daily.
While down at the beach I have non-oily hair.
I love not having to wash it every.single.day.

I got another henna tat on my wrist.
This one said 'lucky' with a heart
because I feel so lucky in love and life!

Towards the end of the vacation I found myself chilly in the mornings and
afternoons at the beach because of the sun and maybe a tad of a sunburn
from my Maui Babe dark tanning lotion.
Navy/White Chevron Cotton Dress  - Target
Turquoise Cardigan - Old Navy

On our drive down to San Clemente!
Full car. Our six plus one.
Kaia brought a friend and we had a blast with Riley.
She was a trooper and helped out a lot with the babies too.
She learned to surf the first day we were in San Clemente.
And couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear.

Little Mister {oops...almost typed his real name} has been a little fussy in the evenings.
He fights going to sleep for the night.
Dave was so patient with him this night and so cute I had to snap a picture.

This is how we got to the beach every day.
Everyone had full hands. Either surfboards or babies or both.
Kaia is up there in front with Little Miss and a surfboard!
What you can't see is me pulling a beach cart that is so full
we got lots of comments about bringing the whole house with us.
The cart carried....ice chest, two umbrellas, a pop up tent, 4 beach chairs,
flippers, a boogie board, six beach towels and two beach bags full of snacks and sunscreen.
See....not the whole house...just beach essentials with babies!

Heading out to surf while Little Miss plays with a bucket!

I forgot to pack my camera on the trip. I was so bummed.
But a quick trip to Target after Dave got his surf on got me one of these.
I can get him to agree on almost anything after he goes surfing!
And as much as he headed out on early morning surf patrol 
{almost daily....leaving me with two early rising babies each morning on our vacation}
I deserved it!

 Happy Weekend.
We are heading to our local fair tomorrow.
My mom bought the kids, including Little Miss, a ride pass!

What do you have planned?

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  1. I found your blog from WIWW and I don't believe I've commented before, but that picture of your family, everyone with their hands full, is so special, just priceless :) Oh, I have a Kaia too, we spell it Kya. I meant to comment on your post all about her, but I never got around to it. Lame, I know. Anyhoo, please tell her, I LOVE her style and originality and her post was the sweetest made me smile a mile wide. I hope my Kya grows up just as sweet. Keep up the good work here, it's very inspiring. Happy Friday!

  2. Love the maxi dress, looks adorable on you! LOVE the pic of going to the beach with everyone carrying something or someone ;) I didn't notice that on IG!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I just bought that camera at Costco. What do you think of it? I haven't had much of a chance to use it yet, but I love the small size. I bought it to replace my big, bulky Sony alpha DSLR camera that I never want to take anywhere anymore. I just rely on my phone camera.

  4. LOVE these pics - you are too cute and so Cali beachy! Here, as I sit on the New England coast...I am a tad jealous just knowing are beauty beach days are coming to a close. My fav pic is the one of Dave and the Little Mister...that is perfection :) Hope you are well my friend! XO Jess

  5. You look AWESOME!!! The beach air really agrees with you!

    I have been looking at that camera-what do you think? I would love to know your opinion!

    You are lovely!


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