We Are Headed to the River.

Labor Day Weekend for our family means we are headed to the River to do....

Some Riding


Some Eating


Some Tubing

and Hanging


and last year we even did

Some Winning!


It's a fun weekend shared with special friends
and it's our 8th year going!

We're bringing a kiddie pool for our campsite for the babies.
Not sure how much hanging they are going to let us do down in that freezing cold wading area
but we are prepared to stay cool in the heat.

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  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! We are headed out of town too...spending the long weekend with Dan's aunt and uncle near Chicago. I'm so excited! Love the new blog design!!

  2. that looks awesome!!! I love the "good ole fun" you seem to be having!!!!!

    And I am totally digging the new name and look!


  3. So much fun! I love trips like that with good fiends!!!!!

  4. The new look of your blog is YOU!!!! Love it, April:0

  5. Well, look at your fun, new look!!! Love it.

  6. I remember reading about this last year! Amazing time of friends food and fun! Love it!


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