Under Construction.....

{wish I could sit and play with bean bags ALL day!}

This time I'm talking about the blog.
Not our home.
Which is still under construction.
Those babies came and made every project hard to complete.
But we aren't complaining.

I've been finding myself in a blogging funk lately.
I want to blog but there is something that always seems to stop me.
I've got too many pictures to upload.
I have a new iMac and haven't figured out how to even upload my pics.
I'm tired at night...which is when I used to blog.
Or my heart is all caught up with topics I can't share.

But the biggest stumbling block is my blog title.
I love Funky Vintage Lovely.
I love the idea of creating and selling FVL items.
I love attending markets.
But that part of my life has been on hold for awhile.
When people I meet at blog conferences ask
where I blog and what my blog is about....
it never makes sense to me. 
It is hard to describe.
I'm a lifestyle blogger with a handmade business.
Ya that makes sense. But that doesn't really describe who I am.

I blog about life, my family, house projects, feelings of the heart, daily struggles....
and rarely do I blog about my handmade business.
That is just one small aspect of who I am.

I will not always be Funky Vintage Lovely.
But I will always be April Kennedy!

I want my blog title to reflect that and not just my little handmade business.
I don't blog to grow my business.
I blog because I love to write, share and preserve our memories.
I blog mostly to journal life.

I love life.
And I love style.
My life. My style.

My content on this blog won't really change.
But I'm hoping that with my new blog title and redesign
I will be encouraged to share more of my life and style
and get out of this blogging funk I've been in!
I especially want to start adding a day to share things I love.
Things that are MY STYLE.
My creative passion really lies in fabric, texture, color, layering.
It's why I love decorating my house so much.
It's what I hope to start doing more of in the future.
Not my house...but other people's homes.

So please be patient these next few days.
We are going to also try rerouting the blog to a new domain address.
Sounds easy, but I've already done that 3 times and it is messy now.

I'll keep you all updated.
And if something goes wonky in the meantime....
will be staying put and there will always be a link to my blog on that page!

Thanks for your patience these next few days.
And always for your love and support for our family.

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  1. I can completely relate to wanting to do a makeover to your blog and the space you put out there for others to see. Your life has definitely seen some big changes lately so it is only normal that you would be in a little bit of a funk with blogging...can't wait to see what changes you have in store!

    1. Thanks Mandy. Sometimes someone else's perspective it right one. your comment described exactly what has happened. you figured it out for me!!

  2. Breath in...
    Breath out....

    Now smile!

    You are amazing and inspiring. People, lives, our journeys change. And yours always makes me reflect, thank you. Can't wait for more inspiration and color! Always love me some of your color combos!

  3. Looking forward to the new title! Love that you love YOUR LIFE and YOUR STYLE! I'm kinda in a place right now where yes, i LOVE MY LIFE, MY HUSBAND AND MY CHILD, but there are other parts that I don't big pink puffy heart. And my style...meh, changes like the wind. HA! But I do ENJOY learning more about others styles and what works for them vs me. It's fun seeing how others piece stuff together. So, I'm looking forward to learning more of THAT April! You inspire so many! Keep up the good work!

  4. I think changing up design is one of the funnest parts of having a blog! It gets old quick because you see it way more than anyone else does.

    I like to think of it as a blogging hiatus rather than a funk. Sometimes life requires more of us. It can be hard enough to find the time to be creative or even get dressed, let alone take pictures to document the whole thing! I'm excited to see April Kennedy in blog header form.

  5. It's been fun to see your blog and FVL items evolve over time and I look forward to the next set of changes. Life is about the journey, as your life changes, your perspective and blog changes too. Enjoy the ride!

  6. New beginnings can be inspiring. Good luck working out the details in blog land.

  7. I love it and I will always be a reader,April!!! Love ya:)

  8. i hear you! i am also thinking about changing but then also the url of the blog.. love the new design :)


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