Two Years

Today we spent the afternoon playing on the beach. Playing in the water. The exact place we were two years ago when I saw that I missed a call from my mom. I knew before even returning the call that my brother had passed away. That he had started his journey home with special angels guiding him. I cried for two hours on that beach that afternoon.

Each year that has passed has been easier. The tears less. But they do still catch me off guard from time to time and I welcome them. Welcome his sweet memory. He was a good man that J. And I know he is doing great things in heaven now. And that brings me such great comfort.

Today we celebrated his life. We celebrated him and his great example that he was to us. My children love their Uncle J and also have sweet and funny memories of him....like this one time a duck walked into a convenience store and asked the clerk if he had any grapes.....

Love and miss you J. I had the best last Tuesday with you!


  1. Love you my friend!! Sending you hugs.


  2. We miss Jason too. Thanks for your thoughts. Do tell, about the duck and the grapes! We just learned of this cute silly song that we listen to while eating breakfast.... I want to hear your story too!

  3. My father passed on seven years ago this December. It gets easier, but it never fully goes away, and some days the ache is as tangible as it was the day he died. How grateful I am for the gospel and the knowledge that we will be together one day. Lots of hugs to you.

  4. What a sweet post about your brother. My dad has been gone since 1985. Sometimes it gets easier but it is all still there. Remember what you know. Hugs.


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