Interview with the Family: Blake

I never got around to interviewing Blake before we left on vacation.
To be honest....he was pretty reluctant.
BUT...he wants this new video game
and I'm not above negotiating.
So as soon as we are done with this here interview
I'm buying him Baja 1000 video game for his PS3.
He is using most of his allowance for it! Shhh...

Q: What was your favorite part of summer?
A: Surfing this summer at San O'nofre Beach.

Q: Why did you hesitate and not say Doheny?
A: Because it is poo water.

{A story for another day. Which I get to share with the same bribe negotiation.}

Q: How do you feel about the foster babies in our home?
A: I love them. I love to play with Little Mister most. I like to tickle him and talk to him and help with him.

Q: What about Little Miss?
A: Sometimes I love her and sometimes I'm not sure. She cries A LOT.

Q: Would you want the babies to be your brother and sister if we had a chance?
A: Yes. Can we adopt them please? {both kids ask this daily....}

Q: Even Little Miss?
A: Yes. {shaking head with a smile}

Q: Were you nervous about having your surgery done?
A: No. I wasn't nervous except for when they came to get me early and dad had ran to get some food from the cafeteria. Then I got nervous.

Q: Are you glad that you had your surgery.
A: Yes because it helps me do more things without having to always stop.

Q: Would you be OK with mommy taking some modest pictures of how we use the ACE Malone so other kids who are considering it can see how it works?
A: Yes. I wish I could have seen that before surgery.

Q: Do you like having an older sister?
A: Sometimes. Sometimes she shares with me and we have fun and sometimes we fight.

Q: What is your favorite sport?
A: Baseball

Q: Who is your favorite team?
A: Giants

Q: What grade are you going into and are you excited?
A: 4th grade. Yes, I'm excited. I have a really fun teacher that I have wanted for two years.

Q: Who is your favorite person in the family? haha
A: Mommy!

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  1. Your kids are so well-adjusted! Really, you can tell that they really love each other and they are loved back.

    What a great family!


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