Insta Week....{a little late}

Insta Week...{a little late}
a few pictures from Instagram I want to document for like

1. Little Miss got stuck. I could hear her cry but couldn't find her. Sure I looked under the table. But still couldn't see her. It wasn't until I got on my knees and found this! She has learned to climb up....not down! And yes I'm training her young. Picture first.

2. Dave and Blake dressed exactly alike one day without even knowing it. The funnier part of this story is when they were walking and figuring it out by turning their backs to each other and explaining exactly which JACK's surf shop shirt they had on! We have several.

3. Kaia turned 15. 15. I sat her on her bed and told her all about the day she was born. While telling her the story there is a part in it where I say....'mommy and daddy loved each other very much. and they wanted a baby. so they wished and wished and wished and then mommy got pregnant!' No wonder she thought that was how babies were made. And I love seeing her so natural without make-up on. She doesn't wear much...just mascara and a bit of blush and lip gloss, but I love her face so natural too!

4. Little Miss is trying to learn to run. Oh she has the swinging arms down, but the legs still walk. It is hilarious!

1. Little Mister and Little Miss, siblings, have two more misters as siblings. We had their brothers all day on Sunday. It is crazy how identical these boys look from behind. Interesting enough, Little Mister from behind has the same profile as his brother in the red shirt, but from the front side don't look nearly alike. The mister brother in the blue shirt though....they look identical. Oh so cute!! And fun for us to watch them every once in awhile when their foster mom needs some help. We took them to church with us. All 8 of us. And let me tell you....8 is enough. Maybe too much!! We took up almost a whole row. And we loved it.

2. We bought a new light fixture from Lowe's for our entryway. I'm kind of in love right now. Smitten actually. So pretty when lit.

3. Blake is doing OK in the mornings. Really struggling with separation and transition but with a very supportive and active Principal and teacher we are in great hands with a great plan. I caught him lined up after P.E. at the end of the day last week. He is in the yellow shirt, giants hat with his hands in his pockets. Last year he was very aggressive during his struggles. This year he has chosen to place his hands in his pockets to be respectful while struggling. We are so proud of his choices and everyday I tell him how proud I am of his good choices while he was struggling. Literally...to get out of the door!

4. First time EVER we have watched Shark Week. With our love for surfing and the ocean you can see why we might not be fans, but this year we threw all caution to the ocean and watched.
First thing Blake did when he went swimming...was to play shark!

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I've gotten a sneak peek at my blog re-design changes. It is different. Way different.
And I'm loving it!

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