First Day of School.

Or could also be titled...
I detest this day.

10th Grade 
Vintage High School

4th Grade
El Centro Elementary

I really do not like the first day of school.
It just reminds me of how fast time is going by.
I want longer summers.
I want my children to stop getting so old.
I hate busy mornings.
I'm not opposed to getting up and starting my day early
but I hate that rushed feeling of having to be out the door 
and going a million different directions by 7:45 am.
Oh and I HATE homework.

Kaia left without even a kiss good-bye.
She's the kind of girl that will leave for college in a couple of years
and not look back. We've raised a very independent girl.

Blake was excited for school.
He got the teacher that he wanted and is so
looking forward to all the fun things that 4th grade means.
Like outdoor education at one of our favorite camping spots.
But this morning he crumbled when we got on campus.
He made me so proud though because he stayed respectful to each adult.
He kept control of his emotions.
And when I peaked back into his classroom and hour later
he was sitting at his desk, smiling and working.
We are all hoping for a great year for him this year.
He is hoping for it too!

So I sit today.
All by myself on this first day of school.
The babies are at daycare and I have a ton of work to get done.
Here's to making today count on my second least favorite day of the year!

{spring forward time change day is my most detested}

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  1. SO SO SO praying that Blake has a great year!

    I know it's hard watching them grow old so quick. But you can tell in their smiles and their eyes that they are good kids, so be thankful that you've raised good kiddos!

    They grow up too fast, that's for sure.

    Enjoy this day to yourself!

  2. Oh I know that this will be me in a year (!!!) Can't believe my boys will be in kindergarten next year. I am SO not a morning person so I know it will be hard for me to get everyone ready and out the door. I'm lucky to get myself to work on time! :) Hope Blake has a wonderful year!

  3. Wow they start early! Our schools in Michigan don't start back up until after Labor Day!

  4. Blake is at school!!!!! What a change from last year.

  5. Oh April - that is awesome! So proud of Blake!!!!!


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