A Story About Bath Time!

 With Little Mister sitting pretty good on his own now
I thought bath time would be more fun together.

Little Mister: This is fun. Someone to splash with.
Little Miss: Oh I have plans for you!

Little Miss: I HATE water dumped on my head so I'll dump on YOUR head.
Little Mister: I can handle a LITTLE water!

Little Mister: Oh NO...not a cup. TOO much water.

Little Mister: HELP me mommy.
Little Miss: Then mommy took all my cups away.

Little Miss: So I got creative and decided to play dress-up with the washcloths!

Little Mister: Pink. Really? Is this what I have to look forward to with an older sister? 
I'm thinking I like bath time alone better.

Little Miss: Well pink might not be your color. But orange might be.
Little Mister: If you put one more washcloth on my head....I'm going to ask mommy for the cup!

Little Miss: Actually stripes are more your color and I think I'll join you. Now wasn't that fun!

Little Mister: Stripes are definitely my color. Thanks for having my back. I'll bathe with you anytime.

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  1. My word! They could not be any more adorable.

  2. Unbearably cute and funny! I LOVE THEM!!!!

  3. God bless them! They are so precious! Those little faces! SO SWEET!!!!

  4. They are soooo darling and sweet. What a blessing you are to them and them to you:)

  5. First off...oh my goodness. Those babies just melted my heart. I'm having a serious case of baby fever.

    Second off...I love the new blog design :)


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