Interview with the Family: DAVE

Q: Do you love what you do for work? (General Contractor)
A: Somedays. Most days actually. I love my work. It is what I dreamed of doing 'when I grew up'. I wanted to be a contractor and have a hot wife. Looks like I scored on both.

Q: What is your dream vacation?
A: Cloudbreak in Indonesia. It's an exclusive surf resort founded in the early 80's. I check their website regularly.

Q: Speaking of websites...what is your 'go-to' website?
A: Surfline.com

Q: How long have you been surfing?
A: My first time surfing was in 8th grade. My mom took me and my friend, Charlie Pratt, to Pacific Grove to visit my grandmother. My mom took us to Sunshine Freestyle Surf Shop and rented us surfboards, dropped us off at Asilomar Beach and said...'see you this afternoon!' 

Q: How do you think surfing has shaped who you are as a person?
A: If I didn't have a religion....surfing would be mine. 

Q: You have said that for awhile you didn't want children? What made that change?
A: When I married you I felt that whatever came our way would be ok. I had been scared to death that I would have a child with a disability and wouldn't be able to handle it or provide the care that would be needed. Look at us now! Crazy that we both had 'feelings' that we would have a special needs child early on in our adulthood.

Q: How do you feel about being a foster parent?
A: It's tough. But I love it! 

Q: What are you most passionate about RIGHT this minute?
A: Freaking plastic bags. I hate them. Everyone that uses plastic bags should get off my planet. But seriously, I'm tired of collecting them in the ocean. Spend a dollar at Target please and stop using plastic bags. They are ruining the oceans. And, if you see my wife get out of her car without her recyclable bags...please remind her to grab them! Also...pack your trash. There. I'm done.

Q: You have a favorite bumper sticker right now. What is it?
A: 'Don't judge me because I sin differently than you.' But remember it goes both ways. If you don't want to be judged, don't judge others.

Q: What is your most favorite thing to do with your children/family?
A: Body surf and play on the beach.

Q: Do you have a favorite tradition in our family?
A: I have two. Coloma Resort over Labor Day tubing down the American River and San Clemente in the summer.

Q: Do you wish Funky Vintage Lovely and D+A Home could be full-time work?
A: Of course! 

Q: Do you dream of new products regularly and just wish you had more time? 
A: Yes. Especially t-shirts. I have a whole list of my own quotes that one day will be made into t-shirts for sale. April and I laugh hysterically over them regularly. Time. We just need more time! My dream would be to work side-by-side with April in our shop listening to music and building things with wood. I would also like to build furniture with Joe. If I had it my way, Joe would be our main shop guy for D+A Home. He has good ideas too and mad skills.

Q: What makes April such a good mom/wife? (this is a serious question and a sweet one from a reader because she feels that it is important for people to hear what makes them special! but just know my whole family burst out laughing when I had to ask them!)
A: She is crazy with a big heart. She is full of charity. She teaches our children to give instead of always take. And she occasionally makes my lunches!

Q: Does April ever do anything that embarrasses you?
A: When doesn't she?!

Q: Favorite holiday?
A: Veteran's Day or any holiday that involves celebrating our freedom. Happy 4th!

Q: What is one thing that somebody might not know about you?
A:  I almost missed the birth of Kaia because I couldn't get home from Kuwait. Finally got home with just a week to spare.

Q: What is your favorite music?
A: Punk Rock like The Clash. And SoCal punk rock like, Pennywise. 80's New Wave...Joy Division, Depeche Mode, The Cure and my all-time favorite Oingo Boingo. (for people under 25, if you have ever heard Dead Man's Party...that's Oingo Boingo!) I love 80s metal...Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Mega Death and Van Halen with David Lee Roth.

Thanks, Dave for participating and thanks to our readers for submitting some really fun questions!

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  1. Don't judge me because I sin differently than you....love this!

  2. I love how passionate he is about plastic bags. I agree! I don't see them out like that, but I do my best to always use my re-useable.

    Fun learning about Dave!

    See you next week! :)

  3. How fun! I don't know if my hubby would let me interview him!

  4. I love this - I love that Dave is open and candid and real! Fabulous April! This is my favorite - "She is crazy with a big heart. She is full of charity. She teaches our children to give instead of always take. And she occasionally makes my lunches!"

  5. really cool information.......... thanks

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