10 Today!

Double Digits....TODAY!
Happy Birthday to my sweet Blake
who makes my heart melt.

Ten years ago today.....I was feeling THIS.
It's his birth story.

And while I type this post...this exact minute,
Blake is asking Kaia all about that scary morning
and if she was scared for him having to go into that ambulance.
Kaia said...NO. You were in good hands.
He is asking her play by play.
I think I will go join their conversation right now.
It's a special story.
A special delivery!
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  1. Happy Birthday to that handsome boy! He looks a lot like you April!

  2. Happy Birthday Blake! What a sweet boy. I hope you are all having fun celebrating him today!

  3. Happy Birthday to Blake! A special day for his mommy too!

  4. Our boys are almost the same age. I just read your WHOLE story and relished in EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. First, we know you're an amazing writer. I know it's a totally different situation. But I so FELT you. I too had an emergency C-section, with a preemie baby that they took from me. I too felt SO ALONE. I am in awe of the strength and spirit you expressed about your experience. What an amazing 10 years of love, struggle, and triumph you have had. How on EARTH are you so flippin' fantastic? It is my HONOR to know you. And Happy Birthday to one of Gods very special little boys. (PS...isn't going into the double digits kinda crazy? I feel like I'm watching for armpit hair or something. They're getting too big!)

  5. Happy Birthday Blake! I just read his story in tears. What a difficult thing to endure! You are an amazing writer and that story was incredible to read.

  6. I LOVED reading his birth story. What a sweet memory...even though it was hard, I could tell as I read it what a treasure it is. Happy Birthday, Blake!


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