What I Wore Wednesday....

What I Wore Wednesday....what what!!
I'm jumping back in this week.
Actually got a picture of an outfit on Sunday.
I got a new shirt and was excited to try it with a maxi skirt.
Except I didn't have a maxi skirt.
So I made my maxi dress into a maxi skirt!

Black Maxi dress folded down inside at waist - Target {last year}
White Gauze Blouse - JCrew {new}
Brown Belt - old
Nude Sandals - American Eagle {old}

I actually bought three of these blouses.
White, Orange and Navy/White Stripe.
I realize they are a bit pricey....
but when I find something that fits well and hides the bulge.
I splurge!
I'm wearing them everyday.
So comfy and cool!

Linking up with Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy today!
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  1. A great idea to make do with what you have, I would have never known it was a dress first! That blouse is fab, so cool and comfy looking!

  2. LOVE it! And you look fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it when you participate in WIWW!!!!

    When are you coming to visit me? :)


  3. yaay! glad to see you back this week! you are darling, as usual!

  4. You look gorgeous! I hear ya on splurging when you find something that you love so much!

  5. You look fab. Want to see the navy and orange one!! I am so like you, April. When I find a style I love I buy 3!!!


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