Insta Week....

It's our weekly re-cap in Instagram pictures.

Little Mustache! Oops I mean Little Mister.
Cutest thing ever. Seriously.
Probably the easiest baby I have ever cared for.
Just this morning he was falling back asleep at 6:30 am.
He wakes for the morning around 5:00 am right now.
We played in our bed. 
Then he started to dose...but not before
he gave me the dreamiest smile as he drifted off to sleep.


My view as I waited for Kaia to get home one evening.
She was out with a group of friends!
I decided that the brass needed to be painted on the fireplace glass.
Bought the paint....still not painted.
Maybe this weekend!

The kids did their chores on Saturday.
Which led to a water fight! 

We worked on house projects.
Chalkboard on the side panel wall of the fridge.
And I found perfect baskets for the nook below. 

Target of course!
In the bathroom department.
I love the grey.

Tuesday night we got the call that we could come pick up the new {used} car we were buying.
It was ready a day early!
We took off at dusk.
We were excited to have a little bit more breathing room in the new {used} car.

And to answer everyone's question....
we ARE keeping the Land Rover.
We went back and forth.
Kaia will drive in 8 months.
It will be nice to have a third car.
Spoiled? Maybe.
But not so much. The headliner is completely falling off!
It might be tacked up by the time she drives it.

And finally....the new dryer was installed the other night.
It's kind of futuristic looking.
Especially with the interior blue drum light.
We have a small awkward space for our laundry
which of course requires only a top line product that will work.
Obviously we didn't realize that when we built our house
and thought....this small space here will be perfect for a front loading stack!
Oh it killed me paying for that thing.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Our plans for the weekend?
Finish a few more projects!
Kaia is gone for Youth Conference.
We are heading to Unique SF on Saturday to check out local handmade artists.
And...hopefully spraying the fireplace glass panel!

Oh...and don't forget about our 'Interviewing the Family' next week.
We've had some really fun questions asked....
but would love for more!

Happy Weekending!
What are your plans?
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  1. I love your kitchen. I wish I hadn't been so disenchanted with our old dirty white kitchen when we redid ours, because I now want a white kitchen again. Oh well.

    I adore that dimple on his face. Seriously. Ugh.

    1. Karri, when we built our home 12 years ago I was insistent on a white kitchen mostly because I felt white always stays in style while wood tones are constantly changing. But I have to say....I am ready for a countertop change!!

      And that dimple....let's just say the boy's got a lot of girlfriends because of it! haha

  2. Because you mentioned it in your blog today, I am headed to Unique SF for a day of fun & much needed change of scenery!!! Thank you for sharing April!

    1. Yay! Maybe you will see us there. It'll be me, Dave, Blake and the babies! Come say hi if you see us.


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