Insta Friday...Insta Week.

Linking up with my friend Jeannett for Insta Friday.
A fun way to recap the week with iPhone pics.

This week was all about the babies.
I can't help myself they are so so cute.

Saturday we had a garage sale.
It was a success!
Two of these chairs are still available the far blue and peach one.
$20 each if you are interested.

On Father's day we celebrated Dave and Dave celebrated his family.
He actually served us more on Sunday than we served him.
We did let him nap though. So that made him happy.
And how cute are these two in their plaid shirts!
Caption for this pic...
'Best daddy in the world to his own two and to two more little loves!'

Monday I found myself at the laundromat hopefully for the LAST time.
I do Sudoku while I'm there.
We bought a dryer. 
Cough. Cough.
They are expensive.
We need a stacking type. Gas not electric.
With tax and the warranty added it was like a house payment.

We been spending time at our neighborhood pool.
We are members.
There is a sign that says Members Only and it makes me giggle every time.
It makes me feel fancy.
But really it is just a neighborhood pool!
Little Miss likes being the water.
So does Little Mister.
We had dinner at the pool the other evening.
We can't have burritos at the beach so we do burritos at the pool.
Little Miss stuffed her face with tortilla chips!

My caption for this pic....
There are so many things I love about this boy.
If I could crawl in there with him, I would.
If I could eat him up for dinner, I would.
If I could keep him forever....I just might!

Little Miss loves noodles and spaghetti sauce but it is no fun to clean up.
Dave and I have played Rock Paper Scissors for messes and dirty diapers
since Kaia was born! It keeps things light-hearted and fun around here.
I won this particular round...but still cleaned up
because we are doing loving things in our home
for our family members.

Speaking of those loving things....
Monday night for Family Home Evening I taught a lesson
on serving our own family members.
Doing kind loving things for each other without being asked.
Speaking kindly to one another. Serving each other.
Being peacemakers in our home.
Building lasting loving relationships with siblings.

If there is ever a time that I feel that I failed as a mother...
it is how we treat each other in our own home.
We tend to be short tempered in our own homes at times.
We treat friends and strangers better than we treat each other.
We have taught service. We have taught to be kind to others.
We have given to the needy, poor and homeless.
We have helped neighbors, friends and foster babies!
BUT the feeling in our own home of service and loving deeds
was lacking to each other.

So my theme...was Service Begins at Home.
We each picked a family member's name from my mom's hand.
We were at In-N-Out for Family Night.
We didn't have a bowl!
And for this whole week we were suppose to do 
kind things or leave treats for that family member whose name we picked.
One morning breakfast was all set up for us when we came out to the kitchen.
Other things that have been done....
bed's have been turned down, candy treats left at bedside, feet and leg massages,
and sweet Yes's whenever something is asked of the children.

I can say that this week has been life changing in our home.
Our children have recognized a different spirit.
Less contention. Less arguing. Less stressful times.
We are working together as a family.
And we are happier. And sweeter to each other.
The kids like it and I feel like as a mother I have succeeded instead of failing
at love and service in the home.

Let's just hope we can keep it up.
I think this was a good start.

Happy Weekend.
Got any fun plans?

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  1. What a lovely idea! It's so true that sometimes you end up treating friends and strangers better than you treat the people you love and live with! So happy to see you are feeling a difference. :)

  2. I love, love, love your service begins at home project! You are so wise and have such a tender heart--it's very true we are often nicer to strangers than those in our own family (especially tone of voice, etc.). I might just have to steal this idea! :)

    Love all your pics--Little Miss & Mr. are precious--and are getting so big.

  3. lots of white color is my dream kitchen, living room, dining room,
    mostly prefer to go with all design of George Robinson Kitchens....... really amazing...

  4. I sought out your blog, remembering a very moving post about healing your marriage, and found this... Exactly what I needed! I really really love your blog. The faith and fun and creativity are a wonderful mix. I am lacking in all these days but feeling much better after my visit. Will try this with my family! Thanks for sharing so honestly!

    1. Thank you Leslie for this note. A little motivation for me to keep sharing when life is so busy. We all have so much to learn from each other! Hugs right back atcha.


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