Home Alone.

For the rest of this week....
I'm home alone during the DAY.

Kaia is at Girls Camp near the beach on her 4th year hike.
The same girl's camp that I have been the craft leader at for the past 3 years.
Got the year off this year and at first I was sad...but now feel relieved.
Blake is at Cub Scout Camp during the days this week with his Papa.
And...the babies are at the sweetest family daycare. 

We do have doctor appointments on two of the days.
And visits with bio parents one day.
But the few hours all ALONE....
that hasn't happened since Blake stopped going to school
after Spring Break.

I'm in heaven!
I'm planning on working in the garage to get ready for 
a garage sale this Saturday.
And I might go hop in my sister's pool with no kids for an hour to cool off.

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. That sounds just delightfully perfect!

  2. Enjoy your alone time! I wish I lived near you so I could come to your garage sale...I bet you've got some cute stuff to give away!

  3. Enjoy yourself, April!!! Alone time is so precious and makes me a better EVERYTHING:) I don't always comment here but I DO read most every post. Thinking of you, girl:)



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