Hello Monday.

Hello Monday.
Hello heaviest I've ever been on the scale.

Hello Brazil Butt Lift!

I purchased it a month ago.
Opened up the box this morning and started with the first workout.

I love BeachBody products and so I was excited to see
manageable workouts.

But...warning...HELLO grumpy and sore this week.
I hate starting to exercise again.
And always swear that I will never stop again
because that first week hurts SO bad.

I will take before and after pics.
I'm hoping this workout helps with my saddlebags.
I've always been a little bit of a pear shape.
But the apple is more fitting right now.

I keep joking with my belly getting bigger that it wouldn't
surprise me if I delivered a baby on the toilet in a few months!
Like those....'I didn't even know I was pregnant shows....
I just thought I was gaining weight' people!


Our garage sale was a hit this weekend.
I'm buying a new dryer this week with the money.
Today will hopefully be my last day at the laundromat.


Dave and I Kaia were gone all last week.
Kaia went to Girls Camp and Dave was one of the men leaders for her 4th year hike.
A two night, three day 'really hard hike' in Kaia and Dave's words!

It's nice to have them home.
Little Miss went absolutely berserk when Dave walked through the door.
It was precious.


We had a nice Father's Day yesterday.
And yes...I said WE!
Dave came out of the bedroom after church and said 
"happy father's day....I just made the bed and cleaned up our whole room"
we joked every time he did something that it was more for me than him!
It really was my best ever Father's Day.
But don't worry...he was spoiled and felt loved!


Tonight we are having Family Home Evening.
We have to get back to having lessons and planning our evening.
Tonight we are having dinner at In-N-Out with my parents
complete with our FHE lesson at In-N-Out.
I'm kind of excited.
I am adding on to our 'chores' for our children
with also doing kind things for family members around the house.
Trying to improve family relationships and service in the home as a priority!

Hello Monday!
What are you doing this week?

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  1. Oh, I hate, hate, hate the first couple of weeks after beginning to exercise again. And considering I went walking ONCE this entire pregnancy, I am guessing I'm really going to be hating life when I start back up again. Yes, I just admitted that I only exercised once in 9 months, I am so proud! (I do chase a two year old all day, that has to count for something, right?)

    What am I doing this week? Hopefully having a baby! My due date is Thursday and I am super ready. Cross your fingers for me!!

  2. My husband and I cracked up at your earlier post about the chores. We have the same kids living in our house. I hope it is going well so far. We are not enforcing anything like we said we would. Uughh!
    This week is quiet. We have one at young life camp...then our family is off to Florida for volleyball AAU nationals. Happy summer and yay for your new dryer!

  3. I so need to join you on the Brazil Butt lift!

    Glad you are all back together. I'm excited to see you in July!


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