Fostering Love....What I've Learned So Far....

 {Little Miss received a little miracle....absolutely no nerve damage after surgery!}

What I've learned so far.....

That I would love these two sweet babies just like they were my very own.
I now fully understand adoption/feelings/blurred lines.
'What.....you mean I didn't deliver these two babies?'

That somehow I still remember though that they aren't my own.
I can't explain it. I chalk it up to good foster care training.

That your schedule needs to be flexible and that the appointments are never ending.
Doctor appointments, visit appointments, assessment appointments, check-in appointments.
Be prepared to be busy with appointments. We have 2-3 per week. Every week.

That their joys would be my joys and their pain....my pain.

That I would cry because of the situation they are in.

And in the same breath would want to capture each of their milestones with a picture,
not only for our own memory book, but for their own parents.

That next time, we will ONLY take one child not two.
Our house is small and our children are making a great sacrifice right now
to have an 18 month old sleeping in their room and being woken up early in the mornings.
Although they take turns, they have to walk around a crib
and can't hang out in their own room sometimes because of a napping baby.

DON'T ask me to pick now though. These two are staying for the long haul.
But next time. Next time will be just one.
Another baby that so effortlessly fits into our family dynamic so easily.

And the last thing I have learned is....
when CPS says it's a 4-6 month placement
expect 1 year to 18 months!

The babies are coming to San Clemente with us this year!!


  1. This is touching. I admire you and your family so much for giving these babies a family, love, and home. I can't imagine ever giving them back. That's where the hard part would be for me. Do you have any words of advice or wisdom on that front? You're amazing!

  2. You inspire me with your fostering posts....in my heart i know i want to do this...but my life is already full of medical appointments research caring for kids....i have 6 April...and one day i will do this...i am busting to do this...but just not yet..your babies are beautiful and so glad yo hear little missy moo. Has gone so well with her op...extra hugs for her this week...xxx

  3. I love your honesty and perspective. It seems like fostering is a great fit for your family even though it can be hard at times. It takes a special family to foster children - and yours seems so so special and loving! Great job!

  4. Happy Birthday! I hope you can make it home today and relax a little. Love, Dave

  5. April, I couldn't think of a better family these kids could have gone to. How lucky. You have so much love to give and you are so good at it. And your honesty makes you so real. I just adore you!

  6. You are my inspiration. Great Job!! Belated Happy Birthday. Hope you bought yourself a great gift. I always do. Who knows me better than myself?


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