Farmhouse Modern....

Farmhouse Modern.
That is how I describe my decorating style in my own home.

I like planked walls. Rustic floors.
Barn style lighting.
I also like clean lines, geometric prints 
and hip, trendy colors.

Kaia has been wanting more of a beach/surf style bedroom.
We are working on it.
Getting close to finished.
I figure if we can't actually live at the beach
then at least we can make our own little beach house
here in Napa Valley!

When looking for a new duvet for her
(because that is a quick and easy way to change a look in a bedroom)
I found several that I LOVED!

{all from Urban Outfitters

But Kaia already had light silver sage blue walls and I knew I wanted to add a touch
of pink to her room so we both agreed on this one!

{From PB Teen}
Of course I got it on sale and it is no longer available.

Room reveal coming soon!

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  1. Perfect description of Farmhouse modern. We're about to start building our new house, and I think that's the direction I'd like to go too.

    Can't wait to see Kia's bedroom!

  2. So so pretty!!!!

    Sigh. Love that decor style. I wish I could do that in my house. But it's just not feasible.

  3. Love the Farmhouse Modern description! Looks perfectly beautiful and fits your style wonderfully. Love those duvets too! I got mine from Garnet Hill but need one or SIX more! So easy and a quick way to change the look of your room!

  4. LOVE all those duvet covers and I love farmhouse modern :) My house a cute little old victorian and so I am forced to go with "farmhouse vintage" (to explain my gorgeous pink countertops ;)

  5. I love that first duvet. Cant wait to see here finished room:)


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