Bachelorette Recap....Trophy Wife

This is how I do my re-cap. 
It's Little Mister's snuggle time and my favorite time. 
Blake cuddled up on the other side and I was in heaven!

HELLO TRAVIS....with the flash of those abs. 
{Blake wanted to know why I said 'Hello Travis!'
haha...it was then that I said it was time for him to go to bed!}
Emily was right to want to know what was under that shirt. 
How did you not pick up on that Travis?! 
 And when Emily said she needed some romance you should have shut her up with a kiss!
 But I have to say that date screamed Just Friends the whole way through. 
To bad. He was sweet. 

 What the heck is Ryan wearing?
 Dave said.....'I wonder if his boyfriend is mad because he is wearing his tank top?!'
 I have never seen this new kind of tank top but Dave said he has. 
I asked him where and he said.....GTL man. 

Emily talks about hoping they aren't disappointed in the date. 
Ummm.... Extravagant Over the Top dates have actually been lacking this season. 
Hope they all weren't hoping for helicopter rides.

 Dave says kilts are cool. I thought they weren't necessary but made it fun to watch. 
And are they riding donkeys?! Emily is in her own LITTLE kilt. 
 Chris totally looks like a girl in his archery pose. 
We are crying in laughter here.
And his poor log throwing skills. 
 Bad move Chris. Jef. You should have picked Jef! 

Sean you were so impressive! Oh big swallow by Sean. 
He thought the cup was his but Chris did deserve it based on the movie theme! 

 She is having a hard time walking in those shoes. 
Arie pick her up and carry her! 
 I'm done hearing Ryan talk. Who do you want to be today? 
Reminds me of the song by Oingo Boingo.
 Instead of reinventing yourself each day, you should ask what are you going to do with your day! 
Ryan catch a clue. You make me want to puke.

 Chris you are kind of awkward. 
I liked you in the beginning but instead of growing on me you are getting weird for me. 
BUT not for Emily I guess. Chris is getting the rose! 
Oh they could all see that kiss. 

 Yes Ryan you are good looking but looks are more than skin deep. 
Plucks his finger hairs....haha Chris! And what's up with the hoodies? 
Even Dave says Ryan is a douche.
 BBQ those oysters and they'd be a lot better! 
The god talk just doesn't sound sincere. 
And the trophy wife comments just shows his shallowness. 
She is not digging Ryan's list. 

 Well Ryan you asked for rational and that she is. 
And honest. And then you question her when you don't get a rose. 
He might change her mind. I think he is the first guy that just fought to stay there.
 Trust your gut Emily. I'm betting she lets him stay without a rose tonight.
 Just to think on it some more. 
Double burn. Wow he is really stalling for a second time. 
Clue Ryan....that was your exit cue. 
How does that humble pie taste? 
Take your turquoise shoes and go find a boyfriend. 
Oh ya... You keep thinking you are one of the greatest men in the world. 
And they did portray you as worldly. It would have been hard to do it any differently. 
You called it right. An arrogant ......! 

 What is with the cats? 
Sweet moment with arie. They are darling together. 
I could see them as the next trista and Ryan sutter!

 I'm glad to see Jef in a traditional suit and tie. 
John that was a sweet side of you but it might be too late. 
I think the only thing Doug and Emily have in common is that they have a child.
 Oh Doug is so insecure. And Emily is so smart. 
And so good at communicating her feelings. 
Best bachelor/bachelorette ever. 

And then Doug starts his ugly cry. 
At least it is over his son and not going home. 

 My guess for rose order....Arie Sean then Jef. 
So she made arie wait since he kind of already got one. 
He still looks nervous though. 
 She is one strong woman. 
Oh wow. That went the other way. 
What a fun ending for them. 

WHAT drama with Arie? 
I guess we should have seen something shocking coming!!

Thoughts? Favorites?
Oh and the Mormon boy swore in the show. Tsk Tsk.
Just Kidding. Ryan would make me swear too!
No judging here!!
Heck we called him a douche bag through the whole show.
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  1. I love your recaps and I was over the moon that she sent Ryan packing. This season does lack some of the over the top dates and such, but I love it when she grills the guys. She really wants meaningful answers to her questions and isn't satisfied when she doesn't get them. Go Emily!!!

  2. Great recap, as usual. The tank top was absolutely ridiculous and this episode was hard to watch thanks to Ryan & Chris...I was so sad to see Travis go! I have to disagree about Emily though...I don't think she has a whole lot of personality going on, she's just well spoken- I'm not a fan...but I keep watching!!

  3. Re: Arie...I read in Us Weekly that he had dated a producer at one time and when she finds out, she lets him go. :( Boo! I liked him.

  4. I have been horrible about keeping up on my blog reading, but after the tank top last night I had to check your blog. What the crap? It looks like the tanks my daughter wore to dance when she was a little girl. Not manly, at all. She is on a humanitarian trip in the Dominican Republic right now, but I took a pic of him on my phone and will gladly pay the $1.30 it cost to send it to her! We watch together (I know, horrible), and it was so hard not to freak out about that together! I agree, this is the best Bachelor/Bachelorette ever. I love her.

  5. I always love your recaps, April. Hysterical. I want to watch in real life with you & Dave.. I bet that'd be fun. ;) I'm sad that we're going to find out something about Arie that isn't good. I really liked him too!


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