Bachelorette Re-Cap...London

And Shawn gets the first one-one-one date!

Oh they are cute together.
Emily is darling
but she is a horrible tour guide.
It is so slow and texted and she never
sounds sure of herself!
But Shawn...he is a good kisser.
According to her.

Jef just stepped up in my book with the disgusted look
he gave Kalon with his first negative comment about Ricki.

Shawn standing on the speaker's box was so sweet.
And he did pull it off.

Oops...according to the commercial from Bachelor
looking for the next Bachelor...they didn't pick up the
subtle hints Ryan was dropping during taping!

It sounds like Emily is sick.
Her voice is super raspy.
From the previews I thought it was her angy voice
but she definitely is losing her voice.

Oh no...she is tour guide talking again.
Their date was sweet. Kind of boring but probably
one of the closest to real life dates you can get on Bachelorette.
I wish she would ask him more about his family, job, life at home.
I think she wants to know more, but they just are super comfy and casual together.

OK...by the previews it looks like Ryan is kind of funny.
And with that scarf Ryan has on...his metro side is really coming though.
the hair, the scarf...sealed his fate. he is high maintenance!

Arie is hilarious with not understanding anything of what he is saying.
Actually all the guys except for Kalon are really having fun with it.

And Kalon....can you explain what you do for a job please.
Besides being condensending to women.
Shewing Emily away so rudely.

Doug is hilarious on this date!
And Arie scores big time on his nurses act.
And Emily don't be fooled by that Ryan kiss...
although the second one had me smiling from ear to ear!

I wonder if we will actually hear the 'baggage' comment or just hear about it.
Ryan giving Emily the necklace was sweet.
Ryan winking and 'clicking' when she said it was sweet....
insincere and cocky. You just lost the points you gained.

It's like the boys are all rolling up their sleeves ready to fight Kalon.
And the three that stand up to confront him are ready to throw punches.
Umm....'responsiblity' and 'baggage' are two different things.

And now she is taking off her jacket too.
I loved that she used his own line on him.
I'd love to hear you talk...but not until I'm done.

I'm pretty sure using the 'f' word isn't graceful....
but you go girl. You did well.
You went West Virginia, hood-wrapped, backwoods on his a*^.

 Oh honey...your dream guy rolled up their sleeves.
you didn't see that. some of them just found out the same time you did.
they did stand up for you. doug told you as soon as he knew.

I think when you re-watch that scene you will be proud of them.
And now starts a new theme of the Bachelorette...
'Who has my back?'

Jef, I'm loving this outfit. Grey, black, brown.
Patches on the jacket.
Oh...I could use a bit of etiquette training.
Jef is funny. A two on one with Jean.

Loved that they left.
C'mon Jef. Show her.

I know...right?
I told you that would be her line.
I think I have counted 6 times so far with this episode.
Jef's conversation is sweet but sounds young.
you are going to have to back that up with some manly romantic moves now.
I love that he was honest with her about regrets of not kissing her.
I don't know though...I just feel like they look more like brother/sister
than boyfriend/girlfriend.
well maybe high school boyfriend/girlfriend could be pulled off.

what the heck is ryan wearing with his suit....his scarf?
and she falls for the bad boy.

I think Shawn is her front runner right now.
Awww...I get chills with them.
At least this week!

I'm pretty sure Alejandro is going home tonight.
I knew she wouldn't make Ryan wait long this rose ceremony.
I actually thought he might be first.
Shame. Shame.

Pretty sure she is going to make Arie wait for the last rose.
And she did. there never was really any connection with Alejandro.
I hope he doesn't cry.

Looks like her and Chris get serious.
Oh and there is Shawn in the previews!
She's gonna be in trouble with Shawn, Arie, Jef, Ryan, Chris.
Yup...gonna be the most dramatic season ever.

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  1. Awesome recap! This episode is still fresh in my head so your recap is absolutely hysterical!!!! Agree, what was up with Ryan's scarf? At first I thought it was a prop for the play!

    Lots of previews tonight and Arie was in practically all of them! Clearly he recovers from their awkward conversation! He is definetly in the final two.

    Can't wait for next week!

  2. Yes, I loved how she used Kaylon's line back on him. Quick thinking girlie! Yes, when she reads a script, it makes her look bad, but only for a brief second. Her smile lights up a room, doesn't it? I hope Sean stays till the end. He is such a good catch -- unlike the bachelor last season with BEN. O.M.G.!!

  3. Great recap...but wait, isn't it always the most dramatic season ever? Crazy show but I can't NOT watch!

  4. I love this! I am shaking my head at all of these. I hope you are doing well girl xoxo


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