Right Now....

{warning...pics of Blake's surgery site below if you have a weak stomach}

right now....
I'd rather be watching the Bachelorette and doing my re-cap
but I remembered at 11:30 pm last night that I have a worker's comp audit
 today at 2:00 pm that I am nowhere near ready for.
Paperwork here I come!

right now...
Blake's Ace Malone is working great!
 He is so happy with the results
but we are waiting for a nurse to call us back about a possible
infection at his surgery site in his belly button.

It looked like this yesterday...

We cleaned up all the crusty gunk but it is still pretty red today.

The tube is in place through his belly button to allow
the stoma 'hole' in his belly button to heal open.
It is stitched in to hold it in place.
That is mostly where the redness is coming from.
No fever though. Thoughts?

right now....
I'm loving that Dave is home for the next FIVE days to work
on house projects but I fear that we will piss the time away
farting around doing other things like napping,
facebooking and trying to save the oceans from plastic bags.
Yes, I did just use piss and fart in the same sentence.
That's the kind of mood I'm in right now.

right now....
I am feeling alone in the friends department. 
Since getting the foster babies and having Blake home with me all day
I haven't had the time or energy to have girlfriend time.
I am full-time mommy right now. And that is not bad
but I am really feeling that I need some balance.
Definitely craving girlfriend time.

right now....
Perusing through Pinterest makes me feel inadequate.

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  1. Aw! I like these sort of posts. I definitely feel you on the girlfriend time.

    Is the red area hot to the touch? Glad Blake is doing well, hope he continues to heal quickly.

    don't let Pinterest get you down, girlfriend!! :D

    1. Hi Alicia!! The area is not hot but itchy. We are watching for 'lines' to develop. I know that is a sign of infection too. And I love Pinterest for posting my own finds to create room decor....but just looking through all the pins gets me feeling like I have no business being on there. I need to change my attitude and enjoy the inspiration that can come...you are right!

  2. I feel you friend!! I am REALLY missing the free time right now. Nat is in full blown melt downs 24/7 right now, and I am emotionally and physically drained from them. I am sorry you are feling that way too!

    Praying for no infection for dear Blake! And so glad to hear things are going well with the surgery and recovery!

    PS. I found out that we have hotel connections for Project Surf Camp with either free or greatly reduced rooms... can I temp you with a trip down here? :D

    Love and hugs, from way down here!

    1. Gretchen!
      Um...yes, you might have just tempted us. We will see if we can come down the Thursday before we head down to San Clemente and spend the weekend in SLO for Project Surf Camp. I'll keep you posted. We do need a double room though for the six of us...connecting. The babies wake each other up if they sleep in the same room and then we are all GRUMPY and no fun to be around. :) So excited.

  3. I think we should have girl time at QBM! dinner or lunch dates! i feel like about 85% of the time! Like I have no friends because I'm too busy trying to keep up at home!

    1. Monick....I'm so sad we aren't going to QBM. Our little foster girl's surgery is June 1st. I couldn't imagine though trying to prep for that with everything going on here though so I'm a little relieved. BUT make sure you get that girl time in still. You girls are exactly what I am craving.

  4. Just want to say HI to you my inspiring friend! Still is awe of you and all that you do! I can identify with so many things in this post. Sending you a virtual hug and hoping we will connect in person one day. xoxo

  5. Hang in there Ap. I feel like all those things too, far too often. I had to look up "girlfriend time" in the dictionary. (hugs)

  6. Hang in there! I know the feeling of desperately needing girl time with friends. I got a little glimpse of it today and it was wonderful. I forgot what it feels like to talk to a peer. You are doing awesome in the mommy department so don't forget that!

  7. My son had this both times his Malone has been worked on: when he actually got the Malone and when it was revised. We see a surgeon 1100 miles from where we live so the first time it freaked me out and I emailed the nurse pictures. As long as it wasn't hot, he wasn't running a fever and it didn't smell foul-it was fine. We put a little neosporin on it and watched it. The redness stayed the six weeks until the tube came out. He had a little oozing but once we started the neosporin it stopped. Before it's over the tube will get really gross and you will just want it out.

    I'm glad the Malone is working well. I think they are the best.

  8. Aww. hugs and hang in there.

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  10. Looks like he is reacting to the suture material....

  11. newbie here to the blog-don't even ask me how i found you -just wnated to say I love how you write like we're having a conversation...as a mom of an awesome kid who's been through 7 surgeries, I truly can relate...sometimes we have to operate on momma time with the weight on our shoulders for awhile; I do hope that things are good this week and keep on the up * up so that a "girls date" will happen for you eventually...so for now, I shall keep lurking to catch up!! :):)


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