Insta Week!

A little glimpse into our week via our instagram pics!

Linking up with the big-hearted Jeannett for Insta Fun.

Found a 'grease' heart on the sidewalk. It made me smile.

My friend, Katherine, brought Blake and the family homemade donuts after his surgery.
The donut holes were my favorite. Blake loved the sprinkle ones.
Actually the family loved them all. They were gone that evening.

Guess who is 7 months old? Seriously. Little Mister!
Not only did he get a haircut a couple of weeks ago
but he is ready to start eating cereal.
Oh it is going to be messy. I'll be honest....
I'm not looking forward to it.
But if it gets him sleeping through the night again....
I will love cereal!

Hopefully last day at the laundromat.
Hoping to dryer shop this weekend with Memorial Day sales.

Yesterday afternoon and evening our power was out.
We were playing around and I jumped off of the couch and told Dave to lay on the floor.

I told Dave I wanted to try 'airplane' like when we were first married!
He laughed and thought with our age, weight, age....it might not be possible.

I said we had to try! When we were first married, we both worked.
At the end of the day...Dave would lay on the floor and 'airplane' would start.
It was how we spent our time chatting away about our day.
We actually had all kinds of circus tricks we made up 
including a back jump airplane with a kick over!
Too afraid to try that one now.
But airplane....we still got it.

Kaia grabbed a picture and Dave had just enough time to make a 'stressed out' face like
I was killing him. Please. Look at that form! I made it super easy for him.

*  *  *  *  *  *

Happy Memorial Day weekend!
We are going craigslist stroller shopping, Ikea shopping, dryer shopping,
and house project completing.

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  1. omgosh that planking pic is hilarious! you guys are funny!

  2. I would be happy if someone brought me doughnuts. I am impressed with your circus act.

  3. Goodness, you guys are so cute in the airplane pic! Soooo stinkin' cute!
    I'm very jealous of the homemade donuts... I mean, seriously, that is awesome!

  4. The donuts look YUMMY!! And the pic of you & Dave is too stinkin cute!! :)

  5. Airplane! That's awesome. I love that you have so much fun together. :)

  6. Love that airplane pic, how did I miss it? And homeade donuts for Blake....yummy!


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