Insta Week..... x 2

I love that my sweet friend Jeannett made Fridays
so fun with her Insta Week linky party.
I'm joining in with two weeks worth of pictures!

Little Mister is finally sitting up in the bumbo!
Yay for new views and playing with toys.
And yummy toes.

A sweet handmade doll gifted to Little Miss.
And speaking of Little Miss...guess who is giving kisses and hugs?
Yup...she has fully settled in and loves us back now.
And, is hugging and loving on this sweet doll.

Adding a few new things and taking out a few old things from Kaia's room
for a little room update! It is coming together so nicely...can't wait to share in a couple of weeks.
We still need to buy a rug...but that means finding a new home for the dog.
OK...kind of kidding. Kind of not!

And the afternoon that I was re-doing Kaia's room and taking out a whole bunch of trash and donate-able items to our hallway....our dryer caught on fire. In the back of the housing unit...not the lint tube. 
I had to call 911 while hallway was filling with smoke, smoke detectors were blaring and I was managing two babies, Blake and the dog out the door. So scary...but we are OK and so is our house.

The Fire Dept. was so sweet to us. They came quickly and were my heroes!
I brought them a whole flat of strawberries the next day as a thank you.

And, since the fire....I've hung out here twice. Once with Dave where he tried, remember, to get me to take off all my clothes to wash while we were at the laundromat! And another time with Blake.

Dave hung out with Blake on Sunday at church when he had a hard time going to his own class.
Silly boys...of course they came up with 'table surfing!'

Dave and the kids were thinking ahead last Sunday and knowing we would be spending Mother's Day in the hospital with Blake....they prepared me some of my favorite snacks as a Mother's Day lunch!
I LOVED it. I sat and ate for 45 minutes!

Lots of work was done this week to get Mother's Day orders out in time.

And when they were done I went and sat in my backyard and enjoyed my little reminder to 'simplify' which is exactly what I did by eating out almost all week long!

The one night we did cook...it was a yummy BBQ Chicken salad for dinner.

On Wednesday I had a little Instagram Sale. Only available on instagram. There were 4 sets of grab bags. They were a steal and they went fast! I will be offering a few more here and there on my shop in the next few weeks.

Little Mister got a haircut. He still has curls...but they are way shorter.
He looks so old now. :( 
But still super cute. :)
Still need to catch a picture of the new do.

Today is the day! He is admitted to Shriner's Hospital in Sacramento this afternoon.
He started a clear liquid diet this morning that he will be on for the next three days.
Heaven help us. He is still feeling very calm and somewhat excited about his surgery and hospital stay!
We are so grateful.

Thank you for the prayers, cards, notes, and packages for Blake.
He is so excited to open them all up once he gets to the hospital.
We've been saving them in a special box for him to bring with him.
Something to look forward to and keep his mind off of food.

I will be blogging, tweeting, instagramming from the hospital with updates throughout the weekend.
Keeping fingers crossed there is internet access there!

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  1. Thank God everything turned out ok with the dryer! How scary!!
    Praying for you all this weekend :)

  2. Wow, the dryer thing is scary. Thank goodness everyone is okay. There is nothing cuter than first haircut pictures. Love them. My son has a Malone/ACE and it's great. It's definitely better than irrigations and enemas. A three day clean-out is tuff. I'll be thinking of your family this week and wishing you the best.


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