Bachelorette Re-Cap...Episode 2

I'm behind. 
I still haven't watched this week's episode but after seeing the previews
I'm hoping to sneak in some time this afternoon or late evening.

But here is just a quick re-cap of episode 2.
I didn't blog while watching because I watched it over a two day period.

Ryan was robbed of a true Bachelor first date.
He has every right to be a bit disappointed.
That home date baking cookies and grocery shopping
is usually one of the last dates when they are trying to figure out real life.

BUT this season is suppose to be 'different'.
I thought most of this episode was boring
except for a couple of crazy moments.

Ryan truly looked disappointed but rolled with it.
I like him. He is totally cute but I'm not sure he
has the personality to go with the cuteness.
We shall see.

Group date was 'different'. I mean gearing this show
towards Ricki with the muppets is going to get old.
And I want Emily to stop talking or referring to Brad.
It's like Bentley all over again.

BUT I did love Charlie in this date.
And Jef is growing on me but I don't think he will be a good fit for Emily.

The cocktail party was crazy with RYAN.
Seriously....a 7 page letter that you want her to read


Ryan...you should have asked her to tuck it away and read it later that night when 
she was alone. It would have made a way better impression.

Poor Chris....waiting to talk to Emily about his 5 year old son.

I loved Emily's purple dress
but the angle when handing out roses made her have a huge
belly pooch. I'm pretty sure her belly is flat.

If it wasn't the dress it might mean that Emily
is knocked up with Brad's baby and this just might be....

The MOST dramatic season ever!!

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  1. Oh my goodness! You are so funny. Love the last line... most dramatic season ever. I'm behind too, think I'll cue it up.


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