Bachelorette Re-cap

It's here...and I'm kind of excited about Emily.
She is a doll. But I'm afraid her baby talk might get on my nerves soon.

Please don't cry over Brad...he's not worth it.
Let's see these men....
Ryan is going to be golden with his job with children.
He's cute too!

Jef from SLC...you have jacked up hair and are missing an F in your name.
Oh the race car driver might hit too close to home.

I'm guessing her one liner that she uses with all the guys is...
"I know...right?!'
Her dress is GORGEOUS.

Sean...Insurance Agent...OK
Doug the Hugger....Big Daddy with a boy
Jackson...Fitness Model...Too planned with the moment talk. Dorky
Joe....Overly Excited
Arie...Race Car Driver...Hair's too long. Not when it's messy!
Kyle...Financial Planner...A little old
Chris....Tall, Dark + Handsome and SMOOTH
Aaron...Chemistry Teacher...Captain Cheesy
Alessandro....Brazilian Old Dude
Jef...you are a skateboard POSER
{that stunt was too young for this classy girl}
Lerone....Tall drink of water.
Stevie...Footloose boombox guy
Tony...Prince Charming...Where's the match?
Randy...Old lady
Nate....Hello!! My fav so far + Dave's too.
Hello...My Name is Brent! 
Egg Head Travis...Weird analogy with the egg.
Music Mike from Austin...he called his own nickname.
John Paul....Stuffy
Alejandro....Latin Lover
Ryan...Nervous, Honest, Love HIM and his notes!
Kalon...really the helicopter...a little pompous.

NATE & RYAN are my favs.

Chris...my tall dark and handsome guy bringing out the bobble heads.
Not sure if it was funny or cheesy.
the role play was definitely cheesy...

Jef you don't look a day over 14...quit trying to act older than you are!
Doug...Austin might be bachelor number 26. That was too sweet..

I'm surprised someone hasn't picked up the First Impression Rose
as a joke yet and brought it to the Bachelorette and say...here I brought this so you could give it to me! BUT that would be awkward...huh?

Kalon you might be cooler than they all know.
So they will HATE you.
Green shirt guy...you are a turd disturber.

Doug the hugger {aka single daddy} gets first impression rose
thanks to his son Austin.

Egg man reminds me of the masked man.

c'mon...Chris, Ryan...yay...now I just need Nate
and I will feel complete!

Long pause in the middle of a first rose ceremony means she forgot his name!

Travis was nervous...he almost made scrambled eggs.

This re-cap came to you from Shriner's Hospital with Dave's comments included.
Thanks to no roommate tonight and Blake fast asleep.

Was purple shirt guy really crying....REALLY?

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  1. April, love your recaps! I used to do that but don't anymore so I'm thankful for yours. It is like you were in the living room with my friends and me.

    So glad you and Dave have the flexibility to STAY at the hospital with Blake. Family time you won't regret.

  2. Love your recap! I completely agree on Ryan, but my other two are Jef (even without the f :) and Arie. Thought green shirt guy was a "turd" too and am interested to see how Kalon plays out.

  3. Love your updates! I a huge Bachelor/Bachlorette fan, looking forward to your reviews this season. New follower from Reasons to Skip the housework.


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