SAIL AWAY.....The New FVL Collection.

I'm super excited about this little introduction!

Collections are a new idea for FVL.
SAIL AWAY was born from my love of navy and coral
and anchors and boats right now.

I thought it would be fun to offer a collection of mix + matching pieces.
The fabric necklaces look great with the flower jewelry.
The bobbies compliment the other pieces.
That big orange ring can be worn with any of the pieces.
I love the idea of them all working together.

AND...my most favorite thing about the collection....
the You Are My Anchor Fabric necklaces.
What a great gift for Mother's Day
or for any supportive girlfriend as a just because gift.
I've been wearing the coral one EVERYDAY!

And thank you all so much for your excitement about this collection
from the Instagram sneak peek.
It made my heart so happy.
Especially from the armed forces ladies.
You are near and dear to my heart.

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  1. Squeal!!! I LOVE the coral!! I teach 6th grade and every time I wear something FVL, I get so many compliments from my students (and staff as well)! I was just thinking I needed to treat myself to something new - how perfect!

  2. I wanted EVERYTHING, why am I not rich??! I am so excited to receive what I had to settle for though :) So pretty! Congratulations! You are a creative genius.

  3. So cute! Such great taste you have. Now, if only it were pay day - I'll be back...

  4. I love the collection idea!! I also love the color combinations too.. Great mix of products!

  5. I'm seriously so in love with every.single.piece in this collection! Coral & navy make me happy! I'll definitely have to go check out the shop & grab a few.. or wait for QBM in June!


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