Hello Last Week...in Instagram

Hello Monday!
Hello sweet pictures from our week last week.
I'm just a little behind.
We have a Queen Bee Market in UTAH at the end of the week.
We are beyond busy here.
So busy...I could sit and cry instead of work.
That isn't good.

But last week....
last week was fun.

This little picture of lunch with my children spurred a whole slew of insta pics of everyone else needing to eat chips and salsa after seeing this. Who knew a pic could cause a serious worldwide craving?!

I've told you how much I love butter....right?!

Little mister sleeps with his arms up almost ALWAYS!

He also loves a good disguise!
And...is a good sport.
He turns 6 months old in a few days.
Can you believe that?
We got him when he was 6 WEEKS old.

We've been eating egg salad sandwich most days.
How about you?

Blake and I spent Tuesday at Shriner's Hospital to plan his surgery.
More on that next week.
We stopped at Old Navy and Blake said....'Mom take a picture!'

We had to wait over 2 hours just to get into a room.
They were just a little behind.

So we went to the cafeteria for ice-cream.

And, I brought work....because I know these appointments mean a long day.
While I worked...Blake listened to Footloose over and over on his iPod!

Blake has been home with me since the day I posted for your help/advice.
We have a plan in place...more on that next week too.
Thank you again for coming to my rescue.

Little Miss and her first ride on a slide!

If you happen to live in Utah...we'd love to see you at the end of the week.
Queen Bee Market is happening Friday evening and Saturday day at
Thanksgiving Point. Admission is free.
I'll find the flyer and post more on it later in the week.

Today I am crossing off the many things on my list.
What are you doing today?

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  1. It's a good thing I had chips and salsa just yesterday, or I would be heading to get some as well! I love the picture of Blake at Old Navy...hilarious! And the pictures of the babies are adorable. And I love you with bangs! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us, April.

  2. Fab pictures! Those glasses are hilarious! Would love to have you stop by and link up to Saturday's post.

  3. LOVELY pictures - I especially love Blake and the Old Navy guys - oh and you and the wee one going down the slide. Sounds like a fabulous trip. You are one fabulous Mama and blogger....good luck at Queen Bee!

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