Easter Love 2012

Easter was filled with love this year!

The Easter bunny brought a little something to each of us.
That made 6 Easter treats...which meant a full table!

The kids were dressed in their Sunday best.

A cousin Easter Egg Hunt was held at the kids' school.
So much fun!

Little Miss is getting so close to walking.
She squats. Stands. We Clap.
She repeats!

And here are the outfits I blogged about here....
The sweet outfits I bought before we knew we were getting these two precious babies.
In perfect sizes!

And we can't forget about the part of our Easter party that made us all almost pee our pants....
My nephews photo shoot....

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  1. Little miss has the cutest shoes :)

  2. How fun....I just love this time of the year. :-) The babies are just so precious.

  3. The photo shoot has me dying laughing right now! Too funny. So amazing those outfits were the perfect size. I remember thinking you were crazy buying those that day we were shopping in Southern California. Little did we all know... Love your big family...I feel you can now relate to ours!!


  4. What a fun day...Blake is the cutest thing ever with his tie & the babies look adorable! Good work, mama!

  5. I love these pictures and the wee ones' outfits made me tear up a bit thinking about that story! God is big and soooooo good!

    That photo shoot made me snort!

    Much love-


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