Dear Dave....

Dear Dave,
I know it is not Tuesday....oh wait I actually think it is. That just shows you how my brain is not functioning. I'm sorry that you are not feeling #1 with me. I wish I could do more, but I'm not too sure what more I could do. I have four other people wanting to feel #1 too....and there is just one of me.

But you are important to me. I've tried showing you by setting up your shop/office. Hooking up the phone line. Paying subs on time and sending out billing to customers in a timely manner. Giving your business my first priority. Even making your lunch some days. But I feel like I am still falling short. I thought this would let you know that I was thinking about you all day. That I was hoping to lighten your load and ease your stress. But I am realizing now that you are wanting different from me. You are wanting Conversation. Connecting. Colliding. {OK...that really is a story that needs to be told on this blog this week! I promise it is  rated G.}

The problem is....I'm tired at the end of the day. You are tired at the end of the day. I sit on the couch and veg and watch a little TV in between feeding the baby and you sit at the new MAC {I mean I can't blame you} with your headphones on and watch live surf cams. And there in lies our problem. The time we are together each evening we are doing different things.

When we were first married, before children, we spent our evenings going to the gym, cooking simple dinners together and sitting on the couch and playing card games. I think we need to bring back the card games....what do ya say? Let's try it one night a week. And not on the weekend....but on a week night when it is crazy and we need that connection. And oh....one more thing. No more falling asleep on the couch for either of us. We need to go to bed together and cuddle and kiss each other good night. And while we are on the topic of kissing. I need more french kissing that is not directly associated with colliding! I like that sweet connection and surprise lingering kiss at unexpected times during the day. I don't mind if you just ate something or you think you might have bad breath. I just want a lingering special kiss. AND....since you do not like bad breath, I will try to keep mine fresh when you are going to be around to make it a little more tempting....especially if I have ice cream breath. I know you hate that.

Love, me

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  1. I love this!! I think so many of us can relate ;)

  2. I can relate as well, although we don't have any kids yet. But being pregnant 27 weeks I just feel like watching TV and not talk/discuss too much.. I am so grateful for your letters. :) Thank you for sharing!

  3. Y'all are so sweet. It's hard. Being a parent AND spouse is hard. I can't imagine how hard with 4. But you're right...you have to set aside that time together. And let the other person know what you need. And ask their needs too. I appreciate your honest. I'm sure the majority of us have the same things going on...busy, busy, busy. But we must make time!

    Hope today is sweet for you!

  4. I can totally relate, and we don't even have kids yet. I agree whole heartily on the subject of kissing.

  5. It's like I wrote this....for my hubby but you were much nicer :) love it!!!

  6. Oh Dave...please tell me you are going to respond! I do not need to know if the random french kissing makes the cut though---I will trust your male instincts will kick in...

    Your letters to each other make me smile, cry and work hard at making my marriage better.

    Thanks...again...for being SOOO honest (french kissing and all)...



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