On Fostering.....

I want to share our experience while fostering openly and honestly to help anyone who might be considering it. While fostering definitely brings joy and is as much a gift to us as it is to these little ones....
it is HARD work.

{playing with rocks on daddy's lap}

Oh sure she looks sweet.....OK actually she really is!!
BUT she also has a mind of her own.
And a scream that can be heard a block away.
And she doesn't always like to be comforted.
She wants to be held, but won't melt into your arms.
And...kisses. Forget about it.
They come few and far between.
But she trusts us and wants us and has definitely bonded with us.
I just want KISSES.
Big open mouth sloppy wet kisses.
And arms squeezed tightly around my neck.

We went from having two children who were pretty self sufficient
to adding two children who depend on us for their every need.

We are tired!
But loving this experience at the same time.

{chatting it up with mommy}

Sure his coos are music to our ears....BUT his screams in the middle of the night....
let's just say...it's a good thing he is so cute!!

Getting up in the middle of the night was exciting and fun in the beginning.
Now I'm just begging Little Mister to give me 5 hours in a row.
Actually, I'd even take 4 consistently!
I know it will come with age.
BUT...HE....he gives big open mouth sloppy kisses and I love them.
And he grins so big when we walk into the door.
Oh and he will tell you a mean story if you give him time to 'talk'.

But again we are tired.
And there are some days, I'll admit...
while my heart is wholly attached to them...
I wonder what it will be like when they are gone.
What it will be like to plop down on the couch with a bowl of ice-cream and my favorite show
and not be interrupted with a crying baby who just woke up ready to eat.

Then I type that and my heart breaks because that is so selfish and I know when that time comes, I will only want to be interrupted and feed that little baby or hold that little missy.
And tickle their tummies until they can't laugh anymore.

People always ask us...WHY? and HOW?
WHY....because we love babies and know we can love other peoples' babies.
And there is such a need. And I couldn't stop thinking about it this past year.

HOW....How will we be able to say good-bye is the question I get asked most.
And I tell them....we don't know yet...we haven't experienced that yet.
And while there are some days we all look at each other and think...
OK we are ready to be a family of 4 again....
none of us can even imagine us being a family of 4 again.
But we know one day we will.

And these cute little babies will either go back to their parents or on to their forever family through adoption.
And the hard days....will feel so worth it!

{and yes...we call ourselves 'mommy' 'daddy' 'brother' and 'sister' and their parents are definitely OK with that. I explained that we aren't trying to take their place in anyway...but those are our roles and names in our home and it would be weird to refer to us by our first names. Bio parents wanted them to know us as mommy and daddy....because that is our role right now for them and I was so glad they understood.}

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  1. Much love, respect, and prayers for you and your family as you are on this journey. My parents were foster parents for much of my young childhood and it is difficult but they helped so many children over those years.

  2. The little ones are just adorable
    I love your honesty, and your amazing ability to love. Really, you guys are amazing. Good luck with whatever may happen in the next little while.

  3. If it helps at all I was a foster child. I had a great family I was with. I was with them for about year and I still keep in touch with them and their children. I still and will always consider them part of my family. I thank you for opening your home to those sweet looking children. Sometimes just knowing someone is there to hug is enough,in time the kisses and the never let go hugs will come.

  4. Hi April, just popped into your blog and read up on your fostering situation.
    I applaud you. That is such a wonderful thing for you guys to be doing. I can't imagine the changes (good and bad) that could take place within your family but I bet those little babies will always be grateful for this time you are giving them and all the lovin' that comes with it.
    Best of luck on this journey!

  5. Good for you. I could never do this because of when they get taken away. Especially if they go back to their parents who were mean to them.

  6. Hey April! Little mister and miss are looking ever so sweet. I remember how drained I was when Luke and Ava were babies. Taking care of two can be very overwhelming, but so rewarding. I have mentioned before that I would love to come and help you out. You and Dave could take a break for the night and you could take advantage of my Child Care services. Just let me know. This is whole hearted offer.

  7. I found your blog through a comment you made on ItsAHuntLife - from one foster mama to another: Way to go! Those babies need your love and it's SOOOO great that you are giving it to them!!

  8. I too have so much love and respect to all of you doing this. What an amazing example to your kids this is on how to love.

    I love your honesty. You gotta keep it real...as adorable as they are, it's still so much work.

  9. Found your blog through a recommendation of another foster mom. We are about to be licensed with a 2 and almost 5 year old at home. We hope to foster to adopt but know we will probably have short term placements as well. Thank you for sharing - the good and the harder parts. And oh my goodness - those littles are too cute! Here's to consecutive hours of sleep!

  10. What a lovely post April. Those babes are super cute and worth every missed hour of sleepytime. Thank you for sharing your special journey!

  11. Sigh. Y'all are just the most beautiful people.

  12. It is a beautiful thing you are doing, April:)

  13. Hats off to you for taking on such a noble responsibility. I admire you and your family. And DANG! those two are so stinking cute!!


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