Insta Week.....

A look at our week through my Instagram photos from my phone.....

Jenga was popular over the weekend.

Apparently so were we.
We were TP'd by people who swore it was because we were loved!
They worked the hardest on this tree....which still has toilet paper in it.

Little Mister has been sleeping through the night (well 3 nights this week) but it gave me a boost so I got up early and made lunches everyday! My husband almost died....from shock.

A little retail therapy at Target. Although I didn't buy because I didn't have anywhere to put it.
But love it!

I was able to take a drive with Dave one morning and snap a few pictures of his latest project that he just finished up. This was an empty basement in the beginning. Dave and Joe built all the arches and did all the woodworking.

I shared a sneak peek of my finished slipcover and have been getting a few requests for a home tour on this here blog. I'll start working on it. Lighting is so hard...as is camera angles in small houses!

Consider yourself warned....I tweeted with this cute picture.
"Hide Your Daughters!"

Kaia and some of her Hairspray musical friends had a jam session at our house.
They are working on a number for a Vintage High performance!
I was so impressed with the boys and girls that entered our home, introduced themselves with a hand shake looking us directly in our eyes....and left our home giving us all hugs.
Good people.

Dave got home before the sun went down on the first day of Spring and had some hang out time outside with the boys. Nephew Kyle included!!

Kaia's iPhone was stolen on Thursday. She posted this picture with a note....still smiling regardless how mean someone was to steal her phone. The sad part about it....she worked hard to earn half of the money for the phone and was very responsible with it. Someone was watching and waiting for just the right moment.
So sad.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

I am so thankful for all your input/advice/ideas about my post yesterday. I have been overcome with emotion from your support, prayers and love. Now I just have to pray about which direction is the right direction to go. I will promise to keep you all posted. Thank you. Thank you.

Happy Weekending!
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  1. I love seeing these little glimpses into your life. Your family is beautiful :)

  2. awe sweet pics, love your chair! your daughter looks sooo like you!

  3. What a darling, sweet family you have April! That basement your husband created is stunning!! WOW! And I adore seeing your kids. All so sweet.

    Enjoy your mini vaca with them.


  4. Wow! THat basement is amazing! Nice work! Your chair is beautiful, too. :)


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