Insta Week....

Date night included not 1 BUT 2 restaurants!

The first we ordered this spinach, artichoke and GOAT cheese dip.
It was YUMMY!
I also had a grilled cheese.

Then we went and had Chinese reflexology massages and decided afterwards we were still hungry
so we headed to another restaurant thinking we were ordering dessert....
but this BEET salad caught my attention.
It was delish! 

Sunday night we had our early St. Patty's Day dinner.
Little Miss was suppose to have her surgery today, but it got postponed on Wednesday.
Thinking I was going to be in the hospital with her on St. Patty's Day, I made sure to still get my corned beef and cabbage. Now that I will be home tomorrow....we might have a repeat dinner!!

I went back to my roots and am a brunette again....for a time.

Someone left the bathroom door opened and this mess by Little Miss was made in 2.1 seconds!
My family is so good to still use it though. That mess is almost gone.

These beauties found their way into my shopping cart at Target and are now waiting for sunny weather.

And while hot chocolate is always good in the morning....it is even better in my new pretty mugs from West Elm! And, yes, I have a little hand-held frother to make it just like Starbucks.
Just don't have the salt for on top.

Happy Weekend.
Don't forget to wear green tomorrow.

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  1. I almost bought those shoes!.. but since I bought 3 other pairs last week..... well you know. And SHOW US THE HAIR!!!! :)


  2. I always love seeing what you are up to!! I did something new with my hair, too. I cut it off. Kind a scary...but I needed a change:)


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