Insta Week.....

It's our weekly peek into our week via my camera phone!

We said good-bye to the Hairspray musical Saturday night. 'Tracy' started crying on stage, then I could see Kaia was crying too and I had been crying before either of them started.
They put on a great show and as a choir really became family.

The beautiful 'Shelley' got a huge bouquet of flowers from several friends on closing night.
So sweet!

I spent the weekend working on a slipcover for our family room!
I wish I could tell you that I took pictures 'step-by-step' but that didn't happen.
It is finished and I will share how I winged it next week!

My 'bedside' includes a picture of my love!

Love this saying. LOVE!

Little mister got a new pair of sunglasses and gave Blake and I uncontrollable giggles while driving.
He totally leaves them on and doesn't cry.

We have a new Chick-fil-a about 20 minutes away.
It has a double drive though and I had to go into the second lane so I could figure out how they get the food out there. There is a fancy bag dropping conveyor belt that goes really really fast!

Happy Friday, friends!
Dave said we needed a date night tonight and I couldn't agree with him more.
He is suppose to be planning it, but is drawing a blank.
Any ideas for a last minute date night?
We'd love to hear some fun ideas!!

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  1. Amazing pics! Hope you'll link up.


  2. I just received the Ad Hoc daily menu in my in box- sounds super yummy! That is probably where I'd go if a babysitter magically appeared at my house!

  3. weather dependent I would go to whole foods or some other little grocery store and get yummy snacks for dinner (probably cheese, fruit, olives and such) plus a bottle of wine and find somewhere nice for a picnic and some conversation!

  4. My husband and I love to go wander around the bookstore. We're poor college kids, so we rarely buy anything, but it's fun to look around and see what books interest each other.

  5. Actually my hubby and I find that the best dates for us are the ones that cost the least. We like to get a frozen yogurt or a coffee and sit somewhere and people watch. Do you have an outdoor mall or someplace that lots of people will be walking by? That's always fun. P.S. Your little mister is rockin' the sunglasses...way too cute!

  6. That picture of the "Little Mister" is just too cute. His bottom lip and nose are the cutest. I bet you are enjoying them so much. :)

  7. I hope you came up with great date night ideas. We always tend to draw a blank on ours. One time we drove to the parking lot of a bookstore, and instead of going in, we sat in the lot in our car, talking, and then decided to head back home. That was pretty pathetic. As the kids get bigger, I truly hope our dates do as well. I still can't get over how grown up Kaia looks...sheesh.

  8. Chick Fi La...YUM. Their waffle fries and fry sauce...sooo good. We have one about 40 minutes away.

    Little Mister is a cutie. Been thinking about you all. What a glorious, heartfelt and unselfish thing you are doing:)

    I love Hairspray. I have seen the movie and the play and I just played Good Morning Baltimore in my Seminary Class last week...the kids loved it!!

    April...love your attitude and outlook on life. You make my day!



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