Insta Week.....

Linking up with my good-hearted friend Jeannett for Insta Friday!
Please check out her Insta Challenge for next week.
She has the biggest heart.

Here's our week.....

We have a little maltese dog. Her name is Zoe. She doesn't make an appearance too often here on the blog...but she does love to hang out on my lap for car rides and can go hours not peeing in my car. Why can't she figure that out at home and stop peeing on my carpets!

I got new mugs from West Elm. The printed ones were on clearance! The striped ones I couldn't walk away from. They are just too cute to put away so for now they are hanging out on my kitchen counter.

A little glimpse of our home with our remodel almost done. That column is new. There used to be a full office there...now it is just a nook and is almost ready for it's big debut!

Just had my friend Carla from Oh Sweet Whimsy make me a custom infant seat cover with some of my very favorite treasured fabric that is no longer available. It was finished super fast and just in time for running errands on a very rainy day. Little Mister is hiding in there!

That's it for our week in review via Instagram pics.
Our plans for this weekend.....
final shows of Hairspray the Musical and cast party on Saturday.
Plus couch shopping at Ikea!

Do you have anything fun planned?

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  1. Oh, I have a little maltese girl named Eva. It took us 2 yrs to get her fully potty trained! But her cuteness saved her! :-)

  2. I'm hoping to go "shooting" with my new camera. And I'll be teaching RS, running errands, and having lunch with a friend.

    I want to see more photos of your home!

  3. I love those mugs! I walked away from the striped bowls but they've been calling my name ALL week so I'm going back today to buy them and them to my collection!

  4. Love those cups. So cute. Did you have a baby?


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