Hello Monday.....Spring Break Here We Come!

{kaia's excited for spring break!}

Hello Monday!
Spring Break here we come.
Taking the week off to hang out with the kids.
Hoping to find some place sunny to hang for a few days.
With four children.

We are going to try to plan a quick little trip to test out traveling with the babies.
Our car will be FULL.
Like not sure we will have room for our feet FULL.

This week will be full of random instagram pictures from my phone.
And next week....
well I have big plans.

Clearing out shop with a huge fun grab bag type of sale at ridiculously low prices.
Save your pennies. You will get to pick your grab bag and see the goodies in it!
Closing shop for a few weeks while I work on my new spring/summer line to try to make that part of my life easier and more enjoyable!
I'm loving the theme of the upcoming line. Shh...it's still a secret though.
Anything specific you want to see in my FVL shop?
Can't promise that it will happen, but I'd love to hear your ideas!

And...a Blog Sale coming soon.
Now to enjoy this week.

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  1. what a great picture!!!!
    she is so cute.
    have a great week with your family!!!

  2. Wow you are busy! How do you do it all? I just have one little person (apart from the 4 bigger ones) and I can't get a thing done around here! Good luck and have fun. Love that photo of Kaia-awesome!!

  3. Happy Spring Break to you!!!!

    Ours isn't for two weeks. Can't wait to see all the new stuff...I miss you!

  4. Have fun. My Easter break isn't for 2 more weeks.

  5. YAY! Have a wonderful trip and....maybe this will be the year I catch some of your fabulous stuff on the blog sale!!!


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