Hello Monday....Hello Artwork!

Hello Monday!
Hello children's artwork finally framed and hung.

About a month ago I found some favorite artwork of my kiddos that I had saved to eventually one day frame and hang on our walls. Well that one day finally came!!
The new white walls helped put it into action.

Kaia had to write in 3rd grade her favorite memory.
It was the day Blake was born.
Her illustration is priceless.
That's me on the operating table. Dave in scrubs and her sitting and holding Blake!

I had her story framed next to the picture and love that it tells the sweet story of mommy being cut open!

"My favorite memory is when my little brother named Blake was born. First, the doctors had to cut open my mom's stomach. Next, Blake came out. Also, Blake was covered with blood, so the doctors had to wash him. Another, did I tell you, my dad was wearing a doctors outfit and my dad cut off Blake's yellow thing that was on Blake's belly button. Finally, I got to hold him for a moment because he had to go in an ambulance to go to a special hospital. I missed him so much, then I got to see him. That is why that is my favorite memory."
Kaia Kennedy 11/17/2005

Blake has only brought home two watercolor pieces and this one was by far my favorite. We nicknamed Blake 'turtle' when he was a baby. His little neck would stretch out so long when he was hungry.
Blake drew a sea turtle with a very long neck and I do giggle when I walk by this framed artwork....because yes I know....the turtle's head looks a little....well.....you know!

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  1. Lol! I love them! You have inspired me to bite the bullet and get that project done too! Thanks :)

  2. These are so cute! I love them!!! And yes...that little turtle! HA!

  3. That's really nice. I display a few of my kids current pieces, but I like the idea of finding my favorites and even including some of their writing. I think it makes them feel good too to see their art on display.

  4. How precious! These turned out so great with the mat and framing you chose. I'm going to have to remember this idea and do something similar with some of my little fella's art. :-) He loves it when I hang up his art work on our fridge.

  5. What a nifty idea!! I have been going to do this forever myself...wonderful inspiration.

    April...thank you so much for reading my little old blog. Your comment the other day really meant the world to me:)


  6. I love this! How perfect that you have the artwork with the story.

  7. I love framing my kiddos artwork and always feel a sense of accomplishment once it's done. These look fabulous!


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