Bachelor Re-Cap...The Final Rose

I started the episode without my laptop...
but here are my thoughts so far.

The Matterhorn metaphor was horrible.
And did we really need to see so many shots of it!

Lyndzi was hilarious with her nervousness and dropping of her silverware.
Too funny that it happened so many times.
While she is really really cute, there is something that slightly bugs me about her.
I think it's her bangs/eyes/head tilted down all the time.
I love that Ben's sister tried asking Lyndzi about Courtney and she took the high road.
Handled it quite classy actually.

So....I'm wondering how crazy Ben's sister was when she saw all the episodes with everything Courtney said/did/acted. And I'm trying to figure it there was more to all their conversation that we didn't get to see that so easily swayed Ben's sister and mom to really liking her.
I'm sorry, but there is no excuse for why Courtney acted the way she did.
It wasn't because she felt cornered, or alone, or that she liked Ben so much she just couldn't relate.
The only explanation that would have been acceptable to me is if she would have said....
there is NO excuse for how I acted. it was immature and I was completely out of line.
That is the only explanation that would have worked for me.

And I think I'm caught up now and can start watching where I left off last night.
Oh....I'm actually more anxious to get to the After the Final Rose
and really hope they bring back Ben's sister and ask her what her thoughts of Court are now!
And Dave really wants to know why they don't have stylists to help with Ben's hair on the show.

With the approval from his mom and sister of Courtney...it's a slam dunk.
They might as well forgo the last dates.
Dave wants Ben to lose tha sweater.
Is it because he is in Switzerland that he feels he needs to wear that sweater?

I'm so glad to see Lyndzi got a jacket and is more appropriately dressed for the weather.
Dave and I are both wondering if there is cheese fondue in that pot.
We are big fans of cheese fondue and I have a good recipe I should share sometime here.

I'm tempted to fast forward through their date.
Seriously I just want to get the After.
I wonder if these girls are going to look back on their time in the Bachelor and think....
how in the heck was I attracted to his monkey face.
I'm pretty sure with a different hair cut he would be more attractive.

I love Lyndzi's brown blouse. LOVE.
Oh she is going to be heartbroken.
Especially after he humps her tonight and then dumps her.
Poor thing...the whole time Ben is talking with Lyndzi about everything he wants in a girl....
he is thinking about Courtney.
That's great that you love me.
How can you not love a monkey face man.

I really can't stand Court's baby talk.
oh boy another helicopter ride.
Fast forwarding thru her date too.
They are just so boring.
Hi. My name is Courtney and my calves are as wide as my forehead.

I'm so glad Lyndzi didn't give him a gift.
How did she get those pictures...
she probably slept with one of the cameraman!
Ok...just kidding. I'm really not that shallow.
But I just can't help myself with the Bachelor re-caps.

I wonder who she stole that letter from?
Dave is feeling really bad that I compared her calves to her forehead.
He is worried that her calves aren't really that big.
I assured him they were.
I'm not sure about her tears.
She has me confused.
Has she really fallen for him?
Maybe the idea of him.
The idea of WINNING.

Oh...both girls wearing cloaks.
Is that a swedish thing?
I guess it is so freezing there...they need something for their formal dress.

Dave says in about 5 minutes...one is going to be the nun and the other joining the VonFlanick.
Where is the Sound of Music theme song.
The hills are alive with the Sound of Music....I just sung it at the top of my lungs.

Poor Lyndzi got the dark green cloak.
So not proposal attire.
Oh Lyndzi...you are suppose to let him do the talking.
This part is so painful.
The let down.
I've fallen in love with you BUT.
Um...not the right thing to say right before dumping someone.
If things don't work out....call me.
I guess it worked for Jason and the girl he said good-bye to.
I'm proud of her for holding herself together so well.

Courtney says...I'm a good person.
You keep telling yourself that Court.
Although I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt.
Her white and black combo is stunning.
This part is always sweet...
even if both of them aren't my favs.

don't forget your time in Puerto Rico...why did you skip over that memory?
oh...adding the BUT...that is cruel.
that ring is not going to fit over the glove.

I'm pretty sure when she saw the ring she secretly said in her head...

Now let's get to the AFTER.
It better not disappoint.

Oh ya...this definitely not going to disappoint just from the previews.
Bring on Ben's sister....please.

The hair has improved....a bit.
oh...still in love?
hmmm....i'm confused.
so ben isn't kissing anyone in the photos...
and court is trying on wedding dresses.
these people don't think straight.
although I do believe that the tabloid photos are NOT true or current.

oh she is getting boo'd on stage.
Courtney did you really think your damage control was a big enough band-aid for your actions?
a little sass....stop making excuses about living with girls...
just say I was wrong.
hmm...I wonder if made a little phone call to Lyndzi during the break up.
i think she really is sadden by her actions and the fact that she was let down again.

it would be really hard to stand by your girl when she acted the way she did on the show.
hmmm...still engaged....interesting.
it will crazy to watch this play out in real life.
of course...through the tabloids!

i have to say...by the end of this AFTER the rose...
I might be rooting for them.
what...no trip back to Switzerland to help them find those feelings again?

honestly...I don't really care about ashley and jp...
just get to the previews for Bachelor Pad 3.

and maybe after listening to ashley...
i need to be a little kinder in my re-caps.
but hey...this is reality tv...that is heavily staged
and they have to learn to take a bit of the rashing.

pictures of rings?
didn't she get one from the show?

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  1. This was the Worst. Season. Ever. It was over in the first episode. I likened Courtney's outfit to Cruella DeVil. In a stunning way. Poor Lyndzi...but she is better off. Yes, would love to know what his mom and sister think after watching everything! Probably not much! :P

  2. That guy is like a Poor Man's Dax Shepard. As in less attractive, and totally lacking in personality. And he squealed "MAMA!" when he saw his mother. Yikes.

  3. I gotta tell ya, I absolutely love your recaps. I am a friend of Genn's and your post title caught my eye along her sidebar a few weeks ago. I have been coming back and following ever since then. I just laugh and laugh at your insight and totally agree with it all. I seriously look forward to your recaps as much as the actual show. Monkey face, haha. I love it!! Thanks for the fun, keep it up!

  4. Hi April, just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris


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