What I Wore....Casual

It's been casual around here lately.
I've been wearing a pony tail every.single.day.
I hate that. I dream of doing my hair.
Then run out of time.

Navy Blue Tank - Buckle
White Boyfriend T-shirt - BP Nordstrom
Gray Cardigan - Target Clearance...woot!
Skinny Jeans - Vigoss BP Nordstrom
T-Strap Fabric Flower Sandals - Target

I look at these pics and something is off. I don't know if I'm just getting older and showing my age, if I'm just tired, or if my hair color is off for my skin tone right now. OR...maybe I should start exercising again and drink lots of water!! That would be too hard though. Changing my hair color would be easier...haha.

Linking up with everyone over at The Pleated Poppy for fashion inspiration and accountability!
Happy Hump Day.

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  1. so cute, those shoes are adorable!!! so adorable!

  2. Ahh you are in flip flops! That seems crazy to me, aren't your toes cold? It's February! Hehe :) You look super cute though! Love the layers!

  3. Love the entire look. And your hair is fine! I dream of doing mine as well...takes far too much energy. ;)

  4. That cardi is sooo cute. I have been looking for some good sales but nothing is just screaming at me.

    I feel so tired and frumpy and just blah myself-LOL. I think what's off is my weight, my hair and I have been wearing the same, tired and worn out clothes for several seasons now and I want a change!! Maybe some day....

    Love your blog and you sweet, April. You look great!

  5. You are beautiful! Your face glows!

  6. Stop it! You look great. Such good style too - so glad to see you back with WIWW.

  7. LOVE your sandals. Cute casual outfit. You look great! I'm usually a WIWW lurker, but this week, I actually participated. I only got one outfit/one shot though. I always enjoy stopping by to see the outfits you put together.


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