What I Wore....

I've been slacking on Wednesdays.
I promise I've been getting dressed.
Just either forgetting to take pictures or wearing same outfits over and over.
I forgot that when you have a baby hanging out on your shoulder all day....it's all about comfy and washable!
But I'm totally not complaining.

Here is a Sunday outfit. I'm wearing the now famous Stacy Lynn Jersey skirt!!

Turquoise Sweater - Target on Clearance
Navy Blue Jersey Skirt - Stacy Lynn Designs
{I didn't see any Navy, but the eggplant and green are pretty...as are her scarves!}
Steven Madden Boots - Nordstrom
Brown Belt - Thrifted
Ruffled Roses Necklace in Navy - Oh Sweet Whimsy

And here is what Little Mister is wearing...

The cutest little dimples.
Can you believe he is almost 4 months old?
We got him when he was 6 weeks old.

And Little Miss....

The cutest brown curls ever.

And to not forget our other two children....
Blake wears basketball shorts every.single.day.

And Kaia is putting together some pretty cute outfits.
I need to start snapping some pics of her too.

Linking up with The Pleated Poppy for more fashion inspiration!

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  1. Cute outfit! Those kids are absolutely precious! I can see how you're getting so attached!!!!! Bless you girl!

  2. Love it!! They are SO adorable!! Those big eyes and that hair :) I've been a total slacker w/ wiww ;)
    Have a great week!

  3. Those babies are adorable. Love their eyes!

  4. Adorable!!!!!!
    I need one of those Stacy Lynn skirts, I think :)

    My oldest son wears basketball pants every. single. day. I hope its a phase.

  5. i must have been away for too long. where did those precious babies come from?!

  6. how cute you all look, ummm who cares what you are wearing anymore with those two little loves??? so adorable!

  7. What beautiful little faces you have staring at you every day. :) Oh and the outfit is of course trendy and cute. I never look trendy. LOL I need to try harder.

  8. Fun to see you back in WIWW land.

    So glad to see these pics of your littles! I thought you weren't able to take/post pics. What changed? They are just darling.

  9. The turquoise is gorgeous on you!! Love What I Wore Wednesdays!

    Oh, those two littles are so beautiful!

  10. Love the outfit. Cant believe that darling belt is thrifted. ...and those little faces. Wonderful!!!

  11. It's hard NOT to love StacyLynn skirts! OH I love those faces. How do you ever get anything done?! Seriously- they are so stinking sweet! Thank you for sharing their gorgeous dimples and curls. :)


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